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Genetic Dino


Requirements: node.js and npm (Tested with node v6.10.2 and npm v5.0.3)

Run npm install to load all requirements

Run npm run build to bundle JavaScript files or npm run dev to activate the webpack file watcher

Start the node server by running node server.js or npm run server.



This file contains a small node.js server to serve the react web app. It is also used by our heroku deployment (

results directory

Contains a sample population and data from a 49. generation which includes a dino that is nearly perfect.

src directory

The extracted and adjusted chrome dinosaur runner code is located in the game.js. Our neuronal network and everything related to that is in the dinoBrain.js-file. geneticAlgorithm.js performs all tasks like cross over, mutation and evolution of the dinosaur population.

components directory

The directory contains all React components. The base component is the App-Component in app.js which is located in the root of this directory. The layout folder contains all layout related components like the NavBar-Component and the GameContainer which renders all dinosaur maps and output charts.

The components of this output charts and the generation high score chart are located in the metrics directory. misc contains a small component to render the Circle for the indicators of a dinosaur is still alive or not.


  • util.js - small generic methods
  • generationRunner.js - run and controle a generation on one map
  • index.js - entry point to inject our React app into the html
  • assets directory - game relevant assets
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