Unofficial collection of tools to work with Ether Dream, a laser DAC
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Ether Dream Tools

CircleCI branch

This is a collection of unofficial tools that contains everything you need to get started with programming on the Ether Dream; a high-performance laser DAC.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to develop interactive laser drawings. Laser drawing software has existed for years, but making it interactive (e.g. creating a basic webapp using websockets to allow someone to control your laser) is something different!

The tools use Node.js and are published on npm under the @ether-dream scope.

Currently this is in early development.

The tools consist of three packages. Click on the title for more information.


This package takes care of the communication to the Ether Dream device. It can establish a connection to the Ether Dream and stream points to it.


This package can simulate the Ether Dream device so you can develop without having the physical device. You also don't need to have a laser! It has a web-based simulator for the laser.


This package makes it easy for you to make laser drawings using programming. It can also import ILDA files used by professional laser tools.


We also have some examples that should help you get started.