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Collection of tools to work with laser show DACs like Easylase, Helios, Ether Dream and Beyond
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Laser DAC

CircleCI branch

This is a collection of tools that contain everything you need to get started with programming on a laser DAC like the Ether Dream or Helios, with support for more DACs coming. We also have a good laser simulator so you can develop without looking to the intense lights of a laser.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to develop interactive laser drawings. Laser drawing software has existed for years, but making it interactive (e.g. creating a basic webapp using websockets to allow someone to control your laser) is something different!

The tools use Node.js and are published on npm under the @laser-dac scope.

Documentation is still limited. This project is used in our modular synthesizer app, Modulaser.

The tools consist of a lot of small packages, so you don't get all the bloat from things you don't use. Click on the title for more information.

Core packages


This package allows you to easily configure everything, but it does nothing on it's own.


This package makes it easy for you to make laser drawings using programming. It can also import ILDA files used by professional laser tools.


This package can read ILDA (.ild) files and convert them to a JSON array of points.


This package can write a JSON array of points to an ILDA (.ild) file.

DAC packages


This package takes care of the communication to the Ether Dream DAC. It can establish a connection to the Ether Dream and stream points to it.


This package takes care of the communication to the Helios DAC.


This package takes care of the communication to the Laserdock.


This package takes care of communication to Pangolin Beyond software (Windows-only).


This package takes care of communication to EasyLase and NetLase. Windows only!


This package can simulate a physical laser DAC so you can develop without having a laser or DAC at all. It has a web-based simulator for the laser, that also tries its best to mimick the limitations of the laser.


We also have some examples that should help you get started.

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