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VoltDB C++ wireprotocol and client implementation
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VoltDB CPP Client Library

The VoltDB client library implements the native VoltDB wire protocol. You can use the library to connect to a VoltDB cluster, invoke stored procedures and read responses.

The Using VoltDB Guide explains how to use the CPP library in Chapter 15.1: C++ Client Interface.

Binaries for 64-bit Linux and 64-bit OSX 10.5+ are provided. The linking instructions below apply to the Linux binaries.

New Features in V5.2

You can now use SHA-256 to hash password for authentication request. V5.2 onward server is required. The default is SHA-1. To use SHA-256 create client config as

voltdb::ClientConfig config("myusername", "mypassword", voltdb::HASH_SHA256);
voltdb::Client client = voltdb::Client::create(config);

New Features in V4

When connected to multiple nodes in the cluster, the client library will enable client affinity and can auto-reconnect to restarted nodes.


  • Boost C++ Library 1.53.0 or above.


This does not apply if you have downloaded the kit from

Simply type make in the unpacked directory to build the client library. It will generate a shared library and a static library for linking your program against.

Building the kit samples

In terminal go to the examples directory then run:


This will build the HelloWorld, AsyncHelloWorld and Voter applications that you can then run against a locally running HelloWorld or Voter database.

You can additionally view the source code of the c++ client library and the examples online at:

Linking against libvoltdbcpp.a

Only applies for linux distribution

The following command will compile and link an example client (clientvoter.cpp) libvoltdb.a.

Note that -lrt and -pthread must appear after the object files being compiled/linked in more recent Linux distributions.

Directory structure for this example:

./clientvoter.cpp        # Example client
./include                # Directory containing client library headers
./                       # Directory containing client library archive
g++ -I./include/                 \
clientvoter.cpp                  \
./libvoltdbcpp.a                 \
./libevent.a                     \
./libevent_pthread.a             \
-lrt                             \
-pthread                         \
-lboost_system                   \
-lboost_thread                   \
-o voter

Note that -lrt should not be included for the mac edition. See the example makefile for more detail.

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