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VoltDB CPP Client Library

The VoltDB client library implements the native VoltDB wire protocol. You can use the library to connect to a VoltDB cluster, invoke stored procedures and read responses.

The Using VoltDB Guide explains how to use the CPP library in Chapter 15.1: C++ Client Interface.

Binaries for 64-bit Linux and 64-bit OSX are provided. The linking instructions below apply to the Linux binaries.

The Linux binary was compiled with GCC 4.4.7 on Centos 6.7. The OSX binary was compiled with Xcode 7.2 on OSX 10.11.

The source code is available in the VoltDB Github repository.

New Features in V6.0

Support for new geospatial datatypes: GEOGRAPHY and GEOGRAPHY_POINT. The client can fetch columns using getGeography() and getGeographyPoint().

New Features in V5.2

You can now use SHA-256 to hash password for authentication request. V5.2 onward server is required. The default is SHA-1. To use SHA-256 create client config as

voltdb::ClientConfig config("myusername", "mypassword", voltdb::HASH_SHA256);
voltdb::Client client = voltdb::Client::create(config);

New Features in V4

When connected to multiple nodes in the cluster, the client library will enable client affinity and can auto-reconnect to restarted nodes.


Boost C++ Library 1.53 if using the downloaded client library. If building from source, you may use 1.53 or above.


This does not apply if you have downloaded the kit from voltdb.com

Simply type make in the unpacked directory to build the client library. It will generate a shared library and a static library for linking your program against.

Building the kit samples

In terminal go to the examples directory then run:


This will build the HelloWorld, AsyncHelloWorld and Voter applications that you can then run against a locally running HelloWorld or Voter database.

You can additionally view the source code of the c++ client library and the examples online at:


Linking against libvoltdbcpp.a

Only applies for linux distribution

The following command will compile and link an example client (clientvoter.cpp) libvoltdb.a.

Note that -lrt and -pthread must appear after the object files being compiled/linked in more recent Linux distributions.

Directory structure for this example:

./clientvoter.cpp        # Example client
./include                # Directory containing client library headers
./                       # Directory containing client library archive
g++ -I./include/                 \
clientvoter.cpp                  \
./libvoltdbcpp.a                 \
./libevent.a                     \
./libevent_pthread.a             \
-lrt                             \
-pthread                         \
-lboost_system                   \
-lboost_thread                   \
-o voter

Note that -lrt should not be included for the mac edition. See the example makefile for more detail.