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Node.js client for VoltDB

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VoltDB NodeJS Wire Protocol Driver 0.1.1


Node.js 0.6.10 VoltDB 2.1.3


To use the sample ./voternoui.js, install the required node libraries:

npm install cli
npm install bignumber

Example Application

The example uses the voter example server included in the VoltDB distribution. It is found in VOLTDB_HOME/examples/voter.

  1. Start the server

    ./ server

  2. In a second terminal, run the sample

    node ./voternoui.js [-h voltdb_host] [-c number_of_votes]

No parameters will default to:

node ./voternoui.js -h localhost -c 10000

You may want to set the number of VoltDB sites per host to something interesting in VOLTDB_HOME/examples/voter/deployment.xml. The sites per host value is equivalent to the number of cores that VoltDB will use for the server when you are running a single instance on localhost.

Known Issues

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