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Java Samples

All samples here use one or more Java clients and may have one or more web pages.

Expectation Example

VoltDB stored procedures can have "expectations" that let you define the minimum expected number of results for a given query. Expectations can greatly simplify complicated stored procedure error checking code making the code much more readable.

Upsert Sample

Demonstrates a simple "upsert" stored procedure using multidimensional demographic information to create specific user profile types that can later be targeted for direct ad placements.

Tweet Geolocation Simulator

An application that uses a thematic map to show the distribution of hashtags across the globe.


An online gaming platform simulation that tracks user session data, player scores, and leaderboards.

Stock Orders

An app that demonstrates fast ingestion of equities orders and performs realtime analytics of top symbols and accounts by volume.
(Used in our Capital Markets webinars)

Stored Value Cards

An app that simulates high velocity transaction processing of pre-authorization, purchase, and balance transfer transactions on debit or gift cards, while maintaining fully consistent balances.


Bus and subway card users are getting on buses and onto trains. Every card swipe is validated against the card account and tracked.

Ad Tracking

Calculate real-time CTR and conversion rates aggregated various ways while ingesting time-series events for ad impressions, clickthroughs and conversions.

Demographics Analytics

An app that demonstrates real-time analytics against a live data stream of user data. The data is broken down into demographic groups which can be viewed using a browser.

Apache Log Analytics

An app that generates and stores an apache log file. The data is setup to save the raw log data and a refined version. The refined version keeps track of assets and the size for a given interval so that it can be used to track hit counts and bandwidth utilization.

Flickr Feed Reader

Reads a real Flickr JSON feed and stores the results in Volt. Volt extracts all the tags associated with the image and creates a leaderboard. The application queries Flickr about once per second to avoid feed limits and displays the results of the volt query every two seconds.

More Coming

Many more applications coming soon. You'll soon see all of our code from our blogs appear here too.

Contributions Welcome

Do you have a sample that you used to test VoltDB? We'd love to add your sample application to this repository. Just fork the repository and send us a pull request.