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Upsert Sample

This sample application demonstrates how to write an "upsert", or procedure that determines whether to insert a new record or update an existing one.

VoltDB Requirements

Sample requires VoltDB 2.8.3 or higher.

Running The Sample

The application requires very little to run.


Running the application requires either two or three consoles depending on how deep you want to go.

The two console version builds and runs both the server and the client. The three console version opens sqlcmd so that you can perform additional queries and explore some of the analytical aspects of VoltDB using just ad hoc queries.

Execute the following in all terminals. Export VOLT_HOME=

Building and Running

Execute the following to build the stored procedures and the client application. You must perform the "clean" step whenever you change the stored procedure or the client.

Do the following in the first terminal:

./run.sh clean
./run.sh server

Step one will delete all the compiled code and jar file. Step two will compile everything and start the volt server.

In the second terminal, run the following:

./run.sh client

This will begin the client application. The client application is configured to connect to one VoltDB instance running on the local host. You can alter the run.sh if you would like to alter the duration of the example, 2 minutes, and point to a different server or cluster.