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Tweet Geolocation Sample

This sample application demonstrates inserting, updating and deleting twitter 
tag and geolocation information. 

Running The Sample
The application is very simple to build. It does require that you have Java JDK
1.6 or JDK 1.7 installed. It will require 2 terminal windows and one browser.
Ideally you would run the application from a Mac or a Linux machine with a
dekstop using Chrome, Safari or FireFox.

In the first terminal window:
1. Export VOLT_HOME=<you voltdb home directory>
2. Run ./run.sh 

In the browser:
1. Open index.htm

In the second terminal window:
1. Export VOLT_HOME=<you voltdb home directory>
2. Run ./run.sh client

The first terminal window will compile the ddl, project and Java source files.
It will then start the VoltDB server

The browser will open the index.htm and display a map, an empty table and 
indicate that no records have been read.

The second terminal window will run the data feed. It will populate the VoltDB.
You will then see the browser begin to update. A chart will also be displayed.
The tweet data is time sensitive and consequently will cause the counts to
rise and then decline. The rate of rise and decline is fixed so there will
be a steady climb, a peak and then a steady decline until the data reaches
a plateau. The data expiration is done during the insertion process, which is
why the data plateaus once the client data feed stops. You may rerun the
client in terminal 2 to see the data flatline and then begin to climb again.