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CREATE TABLE user_session_table (
username varchar(200) UNIQUE NOT NULL,
password varchar(100) NOT NULL,
global_session_id varchar(200) NOT NULL,
last_accessed TIMESTAMP,
json_data varchar(2048)
PARTITION TABLE user_session_table ON COLUMN username;
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX username_idx ON user_session_table (username);
CREATE INDEX session_site_moderator ON user_session_table (field(json_data, 'site'), field(json_data, 'moderator'), username);
CREATE INDEX session_props ON user_session_table (field(json_data, 'props.download_version'), field(json_data, 'props.client_language'), username);
-- Update classes from jar to that server will know about classes but not procedures yet.
LOAD CLASSES json-procs.jar;
CREATE PROCEDURE PARTITION ON TABLE user_session_table COLUMN username FROM CLASS jsonsessions.Login;
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