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-- contestants table holds the contestants numbers (for voting) and names
create table contestants (
contestant_number tinyint not null,
contestant_name varchar(50) not null,
primary key (contestant_number));
-- votes table holds every valid vote.
-- voters are not allowed to submit more than <x> votes, x is passed to client application
create table votes (
phone_number bigint not null,
contestant_number tinyint not null);
create index idx_votes on votes (phone_number);
-- rollup of votes by phone number, used to reject excessive voting
create view v_votes_by_phone_number
as select phone_number,
from votes
group by phone_number;
-- rollup of votes by contestant, used to determine winner
create view v_votes_by_contestant_number
as select contestant_number,
from votes
group by contestant_number;
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