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This Github wiki for the VoltDB project will focus on documentation for those looking to build, modify and understand the VoltDB source code. It is not the best place to get started for those wishing to merely use VoltDB. Here are some other resources:

If you're still here, hooray! Know that this Wiki will likely be continually a W.I.P. Please let us know if content is broken or out of date. Feel free to fix content if you know how it should be fixed. We love hearing from our open source users and developers.

Contributing to VoltDB

We welcome contributions to the VoltDB community edition. Before we can accept pull requests and other contributions, however, we need each contributor to sign a Contributor License Agreement (CLA). This agreement can be found here. To submit a scanned copy of the agreement, or to ask a question about contributing, please email

Getting In Touch

While this is Github, a pull request should probably not be the first we hear from you. Get in touch with us in our Slack Channel and and we'll see how we can work together.

External Documents

Contents (Red links are TODOs)

  1. Getting Set Up
  2. Digging Into Code
  3. VoltDB Internals
  4. VoltDB Application Development
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