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Compiler for the Volt Programming Language
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Volt is a systems level programming language, that aims to be safe by default but still allowing you access to nitty gritty low level details. All of the code in Volta, Watt and other official Volt repos are under the BOOST (ver. 1.0) license except for bindings, those are licenced under their original license. For instance, LLVM, which is used by Volta to generate code.


Volta is the compiler for the Volt language. This repo also contains the runtime, code needed to support language features. The runtime is not the standard library, which is code that supports software development in general. That can be found in the Watt repository.


You can find a getting started guide here, information about the language here and here. An overview of the compiler here. An index of the documentation exists here. And if you are brave you can try out the experimental Volt Guru page.


Please feel free to contribute. Contributing is easy! Just send us your code. Diffs are appreciated, in git format; GitHub pull requests are excellent.

Things to consider:

  • The parser, runtime and standard library is under the BOOST license. Your contributions to any of these parts will be under that same license. If this isn't acceptable, then your code cannot be merged. This is really the only hard condition.
  • That was short wasn't it? Just remember don't be a dick, have fun and there will be cake! That is all!
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