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  • Solder procedure now accepts a holes file
  • Display an error and stop probing if probe drops into a hole or misses board
  • Highlight forum announcements in the notification window
  • Accept gerber files with a .art extension
  • Accept text-based excellon files with a .drl extension
  • Fixed a rare whitescreen issue during app launch


  • Fixed bug where the first trace in Eagle Gerbers was discarded.


Disconnections while Heating

  • Eliminate occasional disconnects while heating by disabling PID control
  • Display an error if printer disconnects while baking

Gerber Changes

  • Improved handling of irregular shaped polygons (Like 'S' or figure '8's)
  • Ignore deprecated 'Mirror Image' and 'Axis Select' commands
  • Fixed pad handling for Kicad Gerbers.
  • Improved handling of Gerbers that use Paint and Scratch approach when creating pads.
  • Single pass lines that intersect with other single pass lines will no longer be split into separate lines

Connection Handling

  • More precise switching from normal communication to firmware upload mode
  • Improve handling of printer resets
  • Wait until the printer boot up completes before allowing user to send commands to it.
  • Disable Home and E-Stop buttons during firmware upload and when not connected (thanks HP)
  • Show the firmware upload overlay, if uploading, after closing another overlay (e.g. release notes, support, etc) (thanks HP)


  • Stop heating and move to the home position when a procedure is closed or ended
  • Fixed issue where support package would fail to submit if printer was not connected.
  • Eliminate extra character that was sometimes added to gcode console when using the alt+c shortcut


Forum Integration

  • Show headlines from forums on dashboard and during dispense steps


  • Fixed bug in align circuit that was preventing holes from being used in some cases (@matt)
  • Keep probe closer to the surface when aligning (thanks @mharris, @a2retro)

Gerber Processing

  • Split traces to prevent double dispensing when traces overlap
  • Resolved 3 CAD program specific problems (Allegro, Ultiboard)


  • Prevent dispense height of 0 (thanks Nick)
  • Allow probe pitch as low as 0.1mm (thanks James)
  • Disable print height adjustment buttons when at min or max value
  • No more whitescreen if you rush to the alignment step before the circuit is fully processed (@alroyalmeida)
  • Enhanced logging to help track down whitescreen bug


  • Improved error messages especially when loading circuits
  • Ability to Load Last Circuit even if printer is disconnected (Thanks @a2retro)
  • Added *.GBR extension to solder paste dispenser (Thanks @mHarris)
  • Removed panning ability in print preview. Consistent with Eagle UI.
  • Resolved a print preview glitch that occurred when bounding box in selective print was dragged outside preview area.
  • For small rectangular pads, center line will actually be centered, instead of offset to a side.
  • During Align Circuit, ability to select alignment pads
  • During Align Circuit, use measured position of first pad to improve estimated position of second pad (Thanks @a2retro)
  • Ability to compensate for backlash in X and Y axis through firmware parameter.


  • Step size during fine movement in locate pads reduced from 0.1mm to 0.05mm.
  • Single line traces will now be truncated at pads. Should prevent probe from descending into holes. (Thanks @emcniece, @agustinbmed)
  • Improved recovery from serial communication errors.
  • Software will reconnect to a printer if it happens to appear on a different port after a disconnect.
  • Firmware update will retry if errors occur.
  • Resolved an invalid function call that would have left the app in a semi-responsive state.


  • Prefer holes when selecting targets for aligned prints.
  • Fixed binding conflict with arrow keys when console is visible.


File Selection

  • Added *.GBP extension to file picker (Thanks Rick)
  • Deleting a file will force circuit processing again.
  • Fixed bug where loading recent files could load incorrect files.

Gerber Processing

  • Improved Gerber processing - better support for thermals and self intersecting lines.
  • Fixed minor parsing issue seen in Diptrace and Pulsonix Gerbers (Thanks Rick & Steve)
  • Fixed minor Drill file issue seen in Kicad files when origin was in top left. (Thanks @emcniece)


  • Prevent multiple pads from being confirmed at the same time. (Thanks Mikey Mike!)


  • Raise the probe higher during alignment confirmation to ensure we exit vias


Double Sided

  • Introduced ability to do a 'Simple' or 'Aligned' print.
  • Simple prints allow you to print exactly where you want.
  • Aligned prints require you to locate 2 points on the circuit. (Identical to solder procedure)
  • If loading a bottom gerber file, print will automatically be mirrored.
  • Added a smarter algorithm for identifying the 2 points to locate.

Gerber Processing

  • Rounded pads should now render properly.
  • When filling pads, allow the innermost pass to be a line, instead of forcing it to be a rectangle. This will reduce over-filling.
  • Detect and ignore fully enveloped pads (e.g. a small pad inside of a large one) to avoid double dispensing.
  • Improved handling of very small Eagle pads with rounded corners.
  • Fixed minor bug processing non-vector text from Altium Gerbers.

Firmware (0.0.11)

  • Fix to help prevent probe from pushing into calibration plate.


  • Alt+C opens the gCode Console
  • Release notes display on startup the first time a new version is opened.
  • Increased default print speed by 66%
  • Changed default print settings to improve filling of large pads and wide traces.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed minor bug where the wrong pad was highlighted in large circuits during Locate Pads step.
  • Fixed authentication problem that occurred when sending the support package for some users.
  • Fixed software crash that would occur when dragging around selection box in print & calibrate step


  • Removed *.DRL extension as an option from hole file selection. Only *.TXT files are supported.
  • Reduced Z-Motor speed which fixed height variation issues in extended prints.
  • Minor bug fix when extracting serial port information.
  • Added ability to bake wet ink from the reflow procedure.
  • After a setting is changed, system will prevent a print until change has been applied.
  • System will prevent settings from being changed while a print is active.
  • Procedure Status and Print Status will be displayed to user when relevant.
  • Software will no longer connect to B1 printers (Incompatible anyway)

Known Issues

  • It is still possible to change settings while a print is active if +/- arrows were pressed.


  • Reduced unnecessary logging.


  • Fixed critical bug that occurred when log files exceeded a certain size


  • Fixed minor bug that occurred after probing.


  • Added Restore Defaults button in the settings window. Also default settings appear as placeholders.
  • Typing custom settings is possible now. Previous data validation was broken/frustrating.
  • App will periodically check for software updates.
  • If a circuit file fails to load, the app should recover and allow you to upload another file.
  • Added 3 more firmware errors to help detect faulty/unexpected probe triggering.
  • Printer will rotate dispenser gears before descending (fixes a poorly mounted dispenser by meshing gears)
  • Fixed critical bug in logging where the maximum file size was not being respected (resulting in abnormally large log files)
  • Fixed critical bug in windows installer where files could not be loaded.
  • Files that fail to load, can now be submitted through the support package.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for easier calibration (- , + )


  • Fixed minor bug where printer expected a dispenser to be mounted when starting a bake cycle.


  • Enhanced support page. Able to submit support package through App.
  • Firmware will automatically update if no printer does not report it's version. (Helps with botched upgrades)
  • Highlighted pad indicator is more obvious (Yellow & Pulsing)
  • Added Alt+R shortcut to release motors. And motors will release after parking.


  • Automatic FW Updates added. SW will check on startup.
  • Added E-stop overlay to indicate when E-Stop was pressed.
  • LED glow lights will not go fully dark
  • If thermistor is disconnected, heater will turn off after 10 seconds of no temperature change.
  • Corrected default Solder Paste height from 0.1mm to 0.14mm
  • Increased motor timeout to 5 mins & Locate Pads step will reset if motors not homed.
  • System will raise when preparing probe/dispenser.
  • Added selective print video to solder paste dispensing.


  • Added e-stop shortcut (esc,esc)
  • [Mac] Remove unnecessary items from Application menu
  • Update sidebar videos
  • Update help links


  • Updated Hello World GTL