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Voltz Engine

Copyright (c) Built Broken Studios

Voltz Engine is a basic content creation and management system for minecraft modding. It is designed to make creating new tiles and items as easy as possible. Including unit testing, functionality prefabs, and dozens of helper classes. All of which are created to reduce the amount of code and errors created for new mods.

Mod pack policy

Your not permitted to use Voltz Engine in a modpack unless you have permission for a mod using the Voltz Engine. If you do you need to note the permission in a place that can be viewed, give credit to the team, and link to website.


Your not permitted to profit off the voltz engine or any mod connected with the engine. This includes but is not limited to download sites, file hosting, in game item sells, website item sells, or anything that includes features of the engine.

The following sites are permitted to profit off the engine within the bounds of Minecraft's EULA.

  • ShadowCity.net
  • BuiltBroken.com

Code Coverage


Pull Requests

Send them to the Development branch otherwise they will be closed.


Run the Build.bat in the scripts folder for local .jar creation.

For build servers use the Build.gradle in the root folder. If you have any issues you may need to set some properties for the script to run. Look at Build.bat for information on what to change.



  • AbrarSyed - Contributor
  • Adaptivity - Russian translation
  • Aidancbrady - Mod Compatibility
  • Alex_hawks - Contributor
  • Atrain99 - Contributor
  • BobDaRedDino - Contributor
  • Calclavia - Resonant Engine Creator
  • Cazzar - Gradle Scripts
  • Crafteverywhere - zh_CN translation
  • Crazyputje - Early Bukkit Support
  • Dand0 - Contributor
  • Dmodoomsirius - Build Scripts
  • Eearslya - Contributor
  • Fnuecke - Mod Compatibility
  • Francogp - Spanish translation
  • Johni0702 - Contributor
  • JohnyCilohokla - Contributor
  • Kolatra - Contributor
  • Maeyanie - Mod Compatibility
  • MattDahEpic - Contributor
  • Mattredsox - Contributor
  • Micdoodle8 - Mod Compatibility
  • Parker8283 - Contributor
  • Tambre - et_EE translation
  • TheNietsnie - Contributor
  • Tgame14 - Network, and Loadable system
  • Unpairedbracket - Mod Compatibility
  • Vexatos - german translation
  • Yuri4171 - Contributor
  • YoWazzup - Dutch translation
  • Zerotheliger - Contributor
  • Hennamann - Contributor, Norwegian Translation
  • If your name is not listed then we don't have records of your contributions

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