Use this interface to connect and display instance data from 5 Kinect sensors
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Coinciding with the release of his 3rd studio album, VEGA INTL. Night School, Neon Indian premiered a brand new live performance at the 2015 CMJ Music Marathon. Powered by Microsoft technology, the show came to life through immersive visuals created in real time, taking full advantage of the latest interactive technology. Each of the five Kinect sensors used captured a different band member, reacting to the music and movements happening live on stage.

This unique collaboration between Microsoft and Neon Indian, produced by Listen, will allow Neon Indian to continue bringing his unique vision to life each night as he continues to tour throughout the United States. This is the performance tool-kit which gives you access to the blueprints that were used to create this dynamic concert experience. You can also watch the behind-the-scenes video here.

In conjunction with Neon Indian’s updated live show, Listen and VolvoxLabs discussed the evolving role of interactive technology in the music space as a part of the daytime program at CMJ. You can watch the discussion here and get an in-depth look at the creation of Neon Indian’s show as well as the creation of DELQA, an interactive installation powered by Microsoft, that transformed the music of Matthew Dear.


Use this interface to connect and display instance data from 5 Kinect sensors

-Hello everyone!

In this repo you will find a basis version of the system we used for Neon Indian Live performance during the CMJ conference in NYC in 2015.

To use the system you must have a licenced TouchDesigner software and be familiar with the software. This system was tested and ran successfuly on this spec:

Nvidia GeForce 980 24gb RAM 3 x USB Bus 500GB SSD Drive


TouchDesigner: Kinect SDK:

-This setup looks at 5 Kinect sensors - 4xV1 sensors and 1xV2

-Launch Steps:

Before launching TouchDesigner make sure your system can see all the devices in device manager on you PC ( make sure all are distributed on different USB buses, specifically the V2 needs to run on its own )

When you launch the application you'll notice kinect depth camera windows on left. There you can also specify which window looks through which sensor. All other sliders and buttons are self explanatory but we also attached in depth manual for reference.

If you're not seeing all your Kinects make sure first they are visible in device manager, if so you'll need to dive into the network and make sure all the Kinect nodes are assigned to corresponding Kinect sensor

-Have Fun!

- Please refer also to the manual attached // NOTE: this is what we sent out with the Neon Indian crew on tour.

Please hit us up on with any questions