Litttle script to keep track of what you do everyday
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Little script to keep track of what you do everyday.

The idea is to keep track of things you've done, not to do. It's based on the "Done List" principle.

It features a readable list with tasks grouped by days.


  1. Create a idid.txt file and put it where you want
  2. Edit the script with the complete path of your idid.txt file
  3. (optional) Make a symbolic link of the script to your PATH in order to start it from everywhere


# Add a new thing you've done
$ ./ "Water the plants"
# Show last 10 lines of the file
$ ./ show
* Message sur le ticket d'hier pour dire qu'il etait résolu
* Investigation et apport d'une possible solution au ticket #39408
* Cloturation de 2 tickets abandonnés
* Amélioration de mon script idid
* Clôture d'un autre ticket abandonné


* Cloturation du ticket #35451
* Water the plants
# Edit the file in case you made a mistake (from the $EDITOR global variable)
$ ./ edit