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Simple Abba managing plugin
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Simple Abba managing plugin

This is a plugin designed to make it easier to create and manage the popular gametype AbbaCaving. This gametype consists of sending the players down a cave with Silk Touch picks. Each ore is assigned a certain number of points. The player who gathers the most points gets all the ores of all the players combined.


  • Quickly create Abba Games
  • Players can join these games and will get teleported there
  • If a player dies they can quickly rejoin the game
  • At the end of the game, all players are teleported back and their scores are counted


  • In order to play you must first create a game using /abba create [name]
  • The game's spawn will be set where you run the command.
  • Once the game is created, it must be opened for players to join using /abba open [name]
  • The game can be closed using /abba close
  • To join a game, use /abba join [name], this command is enabled for all players by default.
  • To configure the game, use /abba config <name> ...
  • Once the players have joined, use /abba start [name] to start the game
  • To remove a game, use /abba remove [name]


Command Description
/abba join Joins an open abba game
/abba leave leaves the current abba game
/abba list Lists all current games
/abba info Displays info about an abba game
/abba create creates a new abba game
/abba remove Removes an Abba game
/abba open Opens a game so people can join
/abba close Closes a game so people can't join
/abba config Configures an abba game


Permission Description default
AbbaCaving.basic Allows access to basic commands such as /abba join
AbbaCaving.admin Allows access to admin commands
AbbaCaving.joinFull Allows to join full games OP
AbbaCaving.joinClosed Allows to join closed games OP
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