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VonTum Removed Compatibility mode
Hereby, we shall give a sollemn farewell to the short-lived
compatibility mode. Amen.

This was done in preparation for mc Item Names, since there is no way to
get mc id from an itemstack without using nms. Damn you bukkit!
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ItemFinder is a plugin that allows players to quickly and easily find and tally their items in nearby containers. It requires little to no setting up once installed.

The plugin will currently look for the specified item in the following places:

  • Chests, hoppers, droppers, dispencers, or any other block with an inventory
  • Entities with inventories, such as chest minecarts, donkeys
  • Items on the floor in item form
  • The player's inventory
  • The player's enderchest


/find [Material[:data]] [range]
Searches the nearby containers and the player's inventory and enderchest and display in chat what it found. It will also mark every chest/container that contains the requested item.


/find on it's own will look for the item the player is holding, with exact NBT, this is currently the only way to look for specific item lores or enchants.
/find wood looks for wood in nearby containers within the default radius (20 by default)
/find wood:1 looks for spruce wood, again within the default radius
/find diamond 50 looks for diamonds within a range of 50 blocks


Name Description Default
ItemFinder.* Allows access to all features OP
ItemFinder.find Allows access to /find Everyone
ItemFinder.longRange Overrides maximum search radius OP
ItemFinder.ignorePerms Overrides permission check with other plugins OP* Allows searching in all available containers Everyone Searching Blocks and Entities that can contain Items Everyone Looking for Items on the floor Everyone Searching the player's inventory Everyone Searching the player's enderchest Everyone
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