android app meta extractor written in Golang
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go-android-search is spiders written in go fetching & searching android apps.

related project: go-itunes-search

now fetching & searching android from WanDouJia and YingYongBao


go get
cd ${GOPATH}/src/

# Setup database environment. assume you have an available local pg
# It will create a user `meta` with owns a database named `meta`
make createdb

# It will create table `android` and `android_queue` in database `meta`
make setup

# Build binary
make build

# Install: mv binary to your $GOPATH
make install


some frequently used bash command can be accessed from makefile

# Start the daemon. don't forget build before start
make start

# show daemon status
make status

# Stop the daemon
make stop

# See log
make log

# Using `go run android.go`

Assign Task

INSERT into android_queue. android will take task from queue table and put result into table android.

task format is TypeLetter + ID, where TypeLetter could be:

  • !: stand for package name
  • #: stand for keyword. program will search and fetch new found app.
  • no leading letter will use bundleID by default. (for stupid client...)

And daemon binary can handle iTunesID, BundleID, Keywords directly by:

android id
android key yourKeyword