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v2.5.0 Ubuntu/Debian Support

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@Vonng Vonng released this 15 Oct 15:51
· 95 commits to master since this release

Get Started with the latest Pigsty v2.5.0:

curl | bash


  • Ubuntu / Debian Support: bullseye, bookworm, jammy, focal, in addition to existing EL 7/8/9 support.

  • Dedicate yum/apt repo on and mirror on

  • Use PostgreSQL 16 instead of PostgreSQL 14 as the major candidate version.

  • New Dashboard: PGSQL Exporter, PGSQL Patroni, Reworked PGSQL Query with new panels & metrics.

  • Support for self-hosting Supabase with Pigsty managed PostgreSQL cluster on EL 8/9

  • Support for running PostgresML on Ubuntu 22.04 with CUDA support.

  • PostgreSQL Extensions Update:

    • New extension on EL: pointcloud with LIDAR data type support.
    • New extension on EL: imgsmlr, pg_similarity, and pg_bigm.
    • Including the columnar extension hydra and do not install citus by default to avoid conflict.
    • Recompile pg_filedump as PG major version independent package.
    • Bump postgis version to v3.4 on el8, el9, ubuntu22, keep existing 3.3 on EL7
    • Remove pg_embedding because it is no longer maintained, use pgvector instead.
  • Software Version Upgrade:

    • Grafana to v10.1.5
    • Prometheus to v2.47
    • Promtail/Loki to v2.9.1
    • Node Exporter to v1.6.1
    • Bytebase to v2.10.0
    • patroni to v3.1.2
    • pgbouncer to v1.21.0
    • pg_exporter to v0.6.0
    • pgbackrest to v2.48.0
    • pgbadger to v12.2
    • pg_graphql to v1.4.0
    • pg_net to v0.7.3
    • ferretdb to v0.12.1
    • sealos to 4.3.5
    • Supabase support to 20231013070755


Ubuntu/Debian Support

Pigsty has official support for two Ubuntu LTS version: 22.04 (jammy) and 20.04 (focal). Debian 12 (bookworm) and 11 (bullseye) is also supported. Pigsty will ship offline pacakges for these four version since v2.5.0.

There are 8 parameters need to be specified explicitly when deploying on Debian/Ubuntu, please refer to ubuntu.yml & debian.yml

  • repo_upstream: Adjust according to ubuntu / debian repo.
  • repo_packages: Adjust according to ubuntu / debian naming convention
  • node_repo_local_urls: use the default value: ['deb [trusted=yes] http://${admin_ip}/pigsty ./']
  • node_default_packages
    • zlib -> zlib1g, readline -> libreadline-dev
    • vim-minimal -> vim-tiny, bind-utils -> dnsutils, perf -> linux-tools-generic,
    • new packages acl to ensure ansible tmp file privileges are set correctly
  • infra_packages: replace all _ with - in names, and replace postgresql16 with postgresql-client-16
  • pg_packages: replace all _ with - in names, patroni-etcd not needed on ubuntu
  • pg_extensions: different naming convention, no passwordcheck_cracklib on ubuntu.
  • pg_dbsu_uid: You have to manually specify pg_dbsu_uid on ubuntu, because PGDG deb package does not specify pg dbsu uid.

API Changes

default values of following parameters have changed:

  • repo_modules: infra,node,pgsql,redis,minio

  • repo_upstream: Now add Pigsty Infra/MinIO/Redis/PGSQL modular upstream repo.

  • repo_packages: remove unused karma,mtail,dellhw_exporter and pg 14 extra extensions, adding pg 16 extra extensions.

  • pg_extensions: citus is nolonger installed by default, and passwordcheck_cracklib is installed by default

    - pg_repack_${pg_version}* wal2json_${pg_version}* passwordcheck_cracklib_${pg_version}*
    - postgis34_${pg_version}* timescaledb-2-postgresql-${pg_version}* pgvector_${pg_version}*


29ecffc798b7e1c5180ad42493c4774c  pigsty-v2.5.0.tgz
87e0be2edc35b18709d7722976e305b0  pigsty-pkg-v2.5.0.el7.x86_64.tgz
e71304d6f53ea6c0f8e2231f238e8204  pigsty-pkg-v2.5.0.el8.x86_64.tgz
39728496c134e4352436d69b02226ee8  pigsty-pkg-v2.5.0.el9.x86_64.tgz
e3f548a6c7961af6107ffeee3eabc9a7  pigsty-pkg-v2.5.0.debian11.x86_64.tgz
1e469cc86a19702e48d7c1a37e2f14f9  pigsty-pkg-v2.5.0.debian12.x86_64.tgz
cc3af3b7c12f98969d3c6962f7c4bd8f  pigsty-pkg-v2.5.0.ubuntu20.x86_64.tgz
c5b2b1a4867eee624e57aed58ac65a80  pigsty-pkg-v2.5.0.ubuntu22.x86_64.tgz