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@volcom8190 volcom8190 released this Sep 24, 2019 · 19 commits to master since this release

We present VORON 2.2, a release almost a year in the making. We went top-to-bottom, strengthening parts and simplifying assembly. Some highlights of this release include:

  • New "HD Z" drives: Offer improved sturdiness, and ties the entire bottom of the frame together into one unit.
  • 9mm Z Belt Support: recommended for larger frames, but entirely optional.
  • New Z Idlers: Strengthened, and has integrated anti-rotation tabs.
  • New panel locks: Uses printed 1/4 turn fastener for easier/faster panel removal.
  • New front panel handles: These double as locks for the front panel.
  • New printed chains for the XY and Z: A new, printed cable chain utilizing zip-ties to hold themselves together. This makes replacing broken wires much easier in the event of failure.
  • New AB drives: Heavier duty bearings on the step-down interface. Further, with the turn of a knob, the end user can remove the drive core without disassembling the whole stack.
  • New Z end-stop: Uses a micro-switch instead of the FSR.
  • New Heavy duty XY joints: Streamlined printability, and uses a new pulley version.
  • New X Rail Layout: This has been relocated to the front of the extrusion to improve the stability of the tool-head.
  • New Ball and socket gantry mounts: These provide smoother overall movement to the gantry when performing QGL adjustments as well as a more stable mounting surface for the gantry assembly.
  • Official release of the filtered mains inlet and 5v Meanwell RS-25-5 PSU for the raspberry pi (instead of a buck converter).
  • Addition of a bed marking template and pulley "disassembly" tool.

This is a full reprint. There are minor changes like screws, zip ties etc to the BOM.

The development team has spent an insane amount of time to get it ready for release. As with all VORON releases, this design has undergone extensive stress and usability testing during the development process. Please use our discord and checkout the sourcing guide channel if you plan to join the VORON family.

Image of Voron 2.2

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