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VORON Legacy Release

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@russiancatfood russiancatfood released this 23 Dec 17:13
· 14 commits to main since this release

Legacy is an homage to the roots of the VORON project, and in particular VORON1.0. It's designed to be a simpler CoreXY machine, akin to what VORON1.0 once was. It's decidedly a "vinyl" experience and hope it brings back memories for you while building it as it did for me while designing it.

  • Direct upgrade for VORON1.0 (including Kits), VORON1.5 and VORON1.6
  • Stiffened quad shaft Y axis compared to previous LMU designs
  • Support for Afterburner toolhead system
  • Fully independent and stiffened bed carriages prevent lead screw binding during Z tilt adjustment
  • Return of the fully adjustable gantry allows for correction of any skew and twist
  • Simplified electronics compartment