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This is a former multiplayer modification made for Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven, developed during 2013-2015.
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Lost Heaven Multiplayer

Lost Heaven Multiplayer (LHMP) is open-source modification for PC game Mafia:The city of Lost Heaven(2K Czech), bringing multiplayer experience into the game. The gameplay is similar to other modifications such as SAMP, allowing to customize game features via gamemodes written in Squirrel.

Project is mostly written in C++, supported by inline Assembler for game interaction.


  • Please note that this project has been started with little knowledge about how MP works. This reflects the quality of the code and possible mistakes that were made during development. Everyone starts somewhere and this was the place where we've learned a lot of useful information, which improved our coding knowledge and skills.
  • This code might be a mess, it could look horrible for your eyes, but what you see are the baby steps we've had to accomplish to make ourselves better in general.
  • So please, if you feel to discuss coding style of this project, you'd better not. We know what has to be or not be changed, but it's too late to do so.
  • If you're willing to improve this code, just PR and we will gladly accept your changes.
  • This project is NO LONGER MAINTAINED by its core developers, due to lack of time and interest. We won't fix your issues (except for issues related to repository structure) and/or improve your playing experience!
  • This project has been open-sourced so you can see MP in amateurs' eyes. It does not represent ideal solution for MP. There is no ideal solution for such complex project.
  • You are free to manipulate with project under Apache 2 license. PRs are welcomed.


  • LHMP supports both Linux and Windows platforms although client is completely Win-like.
  • Have a look at to find out how to compile our work.


  • The list of all contributors can be found in
  • Embeds RakNet by Oculus VR. (BSD License)
  • Embeds MD5 by Colin Plumb.
  • Embeds Direct3D 8.1 SDK by Microsoft.
  • Embeds Squirrel 3 by Alberto Demichelis.
  • Please remind us if we've forgot to mention additional embeddings.


  • Apache 2 licensed, see LICENSE for more information.


  • LHMP and all contents within this repository and/or organisation, are not affiliated with 2K Czech, 2K Games or Take-Two Interactive Software Inc.
  • Mafia is registered trademark of Take-Two Interactive Software Inc.


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