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Проект "Восток" - русская версия введения.

Project "Vostok"

Oberon-07 translator.

The goal is to create the translator from several Oberon dialects into readable, error-resistant code for industrial programming languages. Also, a possible future target is machine code, probably through intermediaries as LLVM.

The translator is written in its own input language - Oberon. Generates code for:

  • A common subset of C and C++ compatible with gcc, clang, tcc and CompCert.
  • Java 1.7
  • JavaScript compatible with ECMAScript 5
  • Oberon-07, Active Oberon and Component Pascal
  • Plant UML Activity Diagrams

License is LGPL for translator's code and Apache for libraries, tests and examples.

Install in Ubuntu 18.04:

Add repository and execute command:

$ /usr/bin/sudo apt install vostok-bin

Building in POSIX:

Script build from pre-generated C-files the 0-version of the Oberon translator - result/bs-ost, which can serve the rest of the tasks: generating the executable code of the translator - result/ost from Oberon-source and testing.

$ ./

Short help about the main targets and variables of build script:

$ result/bs-ost run make.Help -infr . -m source

Build the translator:

$ result/bs-ost run make.Build -infr . -m source


$ result/bs-ost run 'make.Test; make.Self; make.SelfFull' -infr . -m source

Building in Windows:

Build with direct using of tcc:

> init.cmd
> result\bs-ost run make.Build -infr . -m source -cc tcc

Of course, the directory with the tcc.exe must be specified in the PATH environment variable.

Testing. C-compiler(gcc, clang, tcc) searched automatically:

> result\bs-ost run 'make.Test; make.Self; make.SelfFull' -infr . -m source

Installing in POSIX:

Copying the executable to /usr/local/bin/ and libraries to /usr/local/share:

$ /usr/bin/sudo result/ost run make.Install -infr . -m source


Help about translator usage:

$ ost help

Oberon-modules running example:

$ ost run 'Out.Int(999 * 555, 0); Out.Ln'

Same from project directory without installed ost:

$ result/ost run 'Out.Int(999 * 555, 0); Out.Ln' -infr .

The parameter '-infr .' indicates the path to the infrastructure, which also includes the path, where located library module Out.

Example of executable binary build:

$ result/ost to-bin ReadDir.Go result/Dir -infr . -m example
$ result/Dir

In addition to the command line parameters from the previous examples, here introduced the name of the final executable file - result/Dir, which is required for the "to-bin" command. Also indicated an additional path for searching modules - "-m example", because of ReadDir.mod located in directory "example". ReadDir module contains "Go" - exported procedure without parameters. It will be entry point for "result/Dir".

Launching a demo web server by 8080 port with the ability to edit and execute code in a browser:

$ cd demo-server
$ go build server.go
$ ./server


Russian-speaking forums, but possible to ask in english:,


Russian blog through Google translate