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Installing VoteIT


  • Python 2.6 or 2.7. (Might work with others, but don't use lower than 2.6)
  • a POSIX-compatible operating system. As far as we know, all Linux / UNIX version work, including Mac Os X. Windows might work as well, but we haven't tested it and we wouldn't recommend deploying it on Windows servers for security reasons.
  • Setuptools for Python installed. If you can type "easy_install" in a terminal, you have it.
  • Virtualenv for Python. (Installed with "easy_install virtualenv" as root. See for more information)

See the :term:`Pyramid` docs on installation if you need help. VoteIT requires the same things.

Creating an isolated Python enviroment

A barebone :term:`Buildout` environment consists of a file and a buildout.cfg file.

Some example configurations:

You can of course create the buildout.cfg file from scrach yourself. These are the required components.

#parts sets which sections to include
parts =

#Which eggs should be downloaded? You can list other plugins you want to use here.
eggs =

#See the buldout docs for more info on these options
newest = false
prefer-final = true
eggs-directory = ${buildout:directory}/eggs
versions = versions

#This section defines the installation of voteit.core
recipe = zc.recipe.egg
dependent-scripts = true
unzip = true
#The ${buildout:eggs} var is a reference to eggs in the [buildout] section
eggs =
interpreter = py

#If you want to force a specific version of something, you can add it here.
#Uncomment the line below to make buildout pick Pyramid 1.2.1
#Pyramid = 1.2.1

Read the :term:`Buildout` docs for more info on configuration options.

You also need to download a version of It's usually available in buildout configs, but you can download it from Zope directly if you want to:

Create a directory and put the two files in that dir

Now let's install a :term:`virtualenv` in that directory. Run the following while inside that directory. Pick python version 2.6 or 2.7

virtualenv . -ppython2.7 --no-site-packages

Now run bootstrap with the local Python.


If it worked as expected, a new file called buildout should exist in the bin-directory. Run it to start the buildout process.


This should install all packages needed to run a default VoteIT installation.

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