Model and Json serialization generator based on Json-Schema
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Support for recursive json



Model and Serialization source code generator from a defined Json-Schema.

Scala code generator supports the following of Json-schema spec:

  • Object types with properties

  • required and optional properties

  • Object types with additionProperties

  • Arrays of any type

  • Unique or non-unique arrays

  • Simple types

  • Type definitions

  • Enum of string and integer values

  • Formats - uri, date-time, email, hostname, ipv4, ipv6

Not supported:

  • anyOf, not, allOf, oneOf

  • multiple types ( e.g. "type": ["object", "array"] )

  • enum of objects or variable types

  • validation constructs that do not affect the structures

SBT Plugin

You can run the scala code generator as part of your build.

By default the schema definitions should be placed in src/main/json-schema.

In project/plugins.sbt add:

resolvers ++= Seq(
  Resolver.url("vox-public-ivy", url(""))(Resolver.ivyStylePatterns)

addSbtPlugin("com.voxsupplychain" %% "json-schema-codegen-sbt" % "0.3.0")

In build.sbt :

  // json-schema to be watched for changes in ~compile
  watchSources <++= baseDirectory map { dir =>
      dir / "src/main/json-schema"

Code is generated during the compile phase.


  • JSON without JSON-schema is a "crazy mess" - GOTO 2016 • What I Wish I Had Known Before Scaling Uber to 1000 Services • Matt Ranney