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openssl upgrade to 1.0.1f
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2 parents 26776f4 + f996ca6 commit 53fef275ea029747e64cc8c3dbc610f49a7a4436 @georgekola georgekola committed Feb 23, 2014
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+[submodule "deps/openssl"]
+ path = deps/openssl
+ url =
Submodule openssl added at 4a5563
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-The OpenSSL project depends on volunteer efforts and financial support from
-the end user community. That support comes in the form of donations and paid
-sponsorships, software support contracts, paid consulting services
-and commissioned software development.
-Since all these activities support the continued development and improvement
-of OpenSSL we consider all these clients and customers as sponsors of the
-OpenSSL project.
-We would like to identify and thank the following such sponsors for their past
-or current significant support of the OpenSSL project:
-Very significant support:
- OpenGear:
-Significant support:
- PSW Group:
-Please note that we ask permission to identify sponsors and that some sponsors
-we consider eligible for inclusion here have requested to remain anonymous.
-Additional sponsorship or financial support is always welcome: for more
-information please contact the OpenSSL Software Foundation.
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