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Release Notes

Version 2.8.0

Issues closed in 2.8.0 Milestone Features

  • Integrated multiple caret support #2656
  • Interact with multi-caret selections #2362
  • Support 'isident' option #2645
  • Support 'iskeyword' option #1823

Primary Issues Addressed

  • Making a list of numbers, adds the empty line #2718
  • Yanking with ':set clipboard=unnamed' misplaces the caret #2735
  • Caret is misplaced in lines that display codelens bug #2709
  • VsVim causes UI delay in Navigate To provider bug #2715
  • Prevent displaying a line number for the phantom line #2687
  • Using 'f', 't', 'F', 'T' to find multi-byte characters fails #2702
  • Paste of multi-line visual block selection inserts into one line #2694
  • Visual Assist X and "cf" repitition #2692
  • Mouse select and drag does not scroll #2661
  • visual block prepend/append (C-V, I) on empty lines will skip last line #2675
  • Giant caret with inline breakpoint conditions dialog #2649
  • Development builds inadvertently being published to the Open VSIX Gallery project #2685
  • Mapping produces invalid characters #2683
  • Support command line cursor movement by mappings #1103
  • Pressing 'A' when in Visual Block mode moves caret to wrong position #2667
  • Highlighting text with the mouse in split view causes the other view to move #2664
  • VsVim should not process external caret movements when disabled #2643
  • F1 to open MSDN documentation only works in insert mode #2671
  • Caret sized incorrectly at end of line following Code Lens annotation Visual Studio 2019 #2657
  • VS 2019 : Exception on start #2646
  • VsVim fell for the trap some users fall for: #2623
  • Support initiating find in files and navigating find results using ':vimgrep' #2641
  • Implement :cr[ewind] #2637
  • Exception encountered in visual selection tracker #2618
  • TargetInvocationException while editing at the bottom of a git diff #2640
  • Command margin focus problems #2625
  • Incremental search as a motion from visual mode misbehaves #2617
  • Strange intermittent hybrid focus state #2627
  • Relative line numbers not updated correctly for large caret jumps #2634
  • Block caret overlay misaligned with underlying text #2615
  • Macro leaves text object selection behavior out of sync with cursor position #2632
  • Problem with Completion (C-n) in VS2017: Picking completion with space #2619
  • Window settings specified in the modeline are not applied #2613
  • Caret position changed handler running before layout is complete #2629
  • Map command does not display all mappings #2612
  • in insert mode in inline rename is exiting inline rename #2587
  • Implement nowrap-specific cursor and scroll commands #787
  • VsVim copy does not include syntax highlighting #1920
  • Toggle all folds generates an exception when there are no folds #2607
  • Add a UI option to disable VsVim #1545
  • Imap to delete does not work (anymore) #2608
  • Host command does not allow double quotes #2622
  • Chaining _vsvimrc to _vimrc to real _vimrc #1355
  • Go up / down a line in insert mode and reset the caret #2596
  • VS2017 crash : GetTextViewLineRelativeToPoint #2601
  • Possible exception calling Caret.ContainingTextViewLine #2583
  • Combine the benefits of atomic insert and effective change #2593
  • System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException when pasting in VS2019 #2591
  • Clicking past end of file doesn't move cursor to end of file anymore #2586
  • hlsearch highlighting doesn't match search matches because of universe negation #1471
  • v2.7.0.0 - vimrc errors reported despite setting being off #2585
  • Selection not cleared after control-click to go to #2580

Version 2.7.0

Issues closed in 2.7.0 Milestone Primary Issues Addressed

  • % motion failing if there's an ' on the same line as a match
  • Unit tests pause for several minutes after completing
  • Format paragraph does not respect unix line endings
  • Display the '^' character when entering literal characters
  • Vim help files use the user's tab settings rather than those specified in the files
  • Loading a file doesn't scroll the new window correctly unless 'scrolloff' is set
  • Improve help
  • System.ArgumentException in VB.Net
  • Search behavior has changed
  • In C++, CTRL-] opens the Find Symbol Results panel instead of going to the definition directly.
  • Runtime exception on file close
  • Number increment (Ctrl+A) jumps over decimal numbers to next hex number
  • Status messages do not appear in the trace log
  • Reduce the volume of output in the trace window
  • Ctrl+Click does not follow link in spite of tooltip
  • Visual Studio 2019 always Display "Welcome to Vim"
  • verbatim strings break block commands di) da)
  • CTRL+A in blockwise-visual mode increments numbers not in selection
  • suddenly today VS2019 cannot start vsvim
  • CleanVsix no longer runs on appveyor
  • Publishing to the vsixgallery fails
  • The 'retab' command mangles non-leading tabs
  • Backspace issue in peek definition window
  • Increasing / Decreasing a number does not work within words
  • Append yanked line does not append to unnamed register
  • Deleting by line to the end of the buffer leaves caret on phantom line
  • map visual studio command ExpandSelectiontoContainingBlock
  • Detecting 2017 vs 2019 in vsvimrc
  • Neither Ctrl-V not Ctrl-Q quote Ctrl characters or the escape key
  • (word completion) exception in VS 2019
  • Make incremental search asynchronous
  • inconsistent Ctrl-ú (Ctrl-[) handling in different modes (Czech keyboard)
  • Echoing environment variables
  • Searching with /, then pressing Ctrl-A and typing FOO inserts /O/O/F
  • CTRL-W Window navigaton bug
  • CTRL + P completion list in wrong order
  • Command Mode should respect words
  • Can't press to exit F2-rename window
  • What the setting Hide Marks Value
  • Delay before showing insertion caret after 'o' command
  • Parameter name: span was out of range of valid values [vs2015/]
  • Inserting tabs in block selection still does not work properly
  • markers margin
  • normal mode across all files
  • Remove VS2012 and VS2013 support
  • Bug: t followed by ; does not go to the next match
  • Double-click to select word then drag doesn't continue to select whole words
  • Commands issued as part of a mapping should not be recorded in the command history
  • map nn <S-$> does not work
  • Insert mode unicode input
  • CompositionFailedException: This part (Vim.Vim) cannot be instantiated
  • Commands sometimes appear in the source code
  • Crash in DisplayLineDown
  • vs2017, set clipboard=unnamed,vs encounter an exception
  • Weird behavior after clicking into an escape sequence
  • VsVim is active in Powershell Interactive but probably should'nt be
  • Half page navigation using , is very slow
  • Highlighting in Insert Mode goes to Visual Mode, but goes back to Command Mode
  • Show line numbers in parse errors
  • Support vim modelines

Version 2.6.0

Issues closed in milestone 2.6.0 Primary Issues Addressed

  • Visual Studio 2019 support
  • Mark display in the editor margin
  • Significantly improved surrogate pair support
  • In total nearly 150 issues were addressed in this release leading to improvements across the board

Version 2.5.0

Issues closed in milestone 2.5.0

Primary Issues Addressed

  • Support for the . register
  • Several bugs around . command repeating
  • Stopped erasing error information from status bar
  • Lots of infrastructure issues

Version 2.4.1

Issues closed in milestone 2.4.1

Primary Issues Addressed

  • Escape not leaving Visual Mode
  • License file changed to txt from rtf

Version 2.4.0

Issues closed in milestone 2.4.0

Primary Issues Addressed

  • gt and gT support in VS 2017
  • Exception opening files in VS 2017

Version 2.2.0

Issues closed in milestone 2.2.0

Primary Issues Addressed

  • Basic telemetry support
  • Register issues around yank / delete
  • Key mappings and completion in insert mode

Version 2.1.0

Issues closed in milestone 2.1.0

Primary Issues Addressed

  • Clean macro recording

Patched Issues in 2.1.1

  • Many selection issues involving end of line

Version 2.0.0

Issues closed in milestone 2.0.0

Primary Issues Addressed

  • Many fixes to the block motion
  • VS 2015 support

Version 1.8.0

Issues closed in milestone 1.8.0

Primary Issues Addressed

  • Rewrote regex replace code to support many more Vim features
  • Paragraph and sentence motion fixes
  • Undo bug fixes

Version 1.7.1

Issues closed in milestone 1.7.1

Primary Issues Addressed

  • Better comment support in vimrc
  • Windows clipboard stalls
  • Undo / Redo bugs
  • tag blocks

Patched Issues in

  • Double click selection issue

Version 1.7.0

Issues closed in milestone 1.7.0

Primary Issues Addressed

  • VsVim now has a proper options page (Tools -> Options)
  • VsVim is now a proper package
  • Ctrl+R support in command line mode
  • Support for softtabstop
  • Word wrap glyph support

Version 1.6.0

Issues closed in milestone 1.6.0

Primary Issues Addressed

  • Added support for backspace and whichwrap
  • Major make over of select mode
  • Ctrl+F search window no longer conflicts with VsVim
  • Better support for Peek Definition window
  • Mouse clicks now supported as keyboard commands
  • Ctrl+U in insert mode

Patched Issues in

  • Beep when selecting with mouse

Patched Issues in

  • Backspace issues over virtual space in insert mode
  • Unhandled exception when using :wq

Patched Issues in

  • Support for Dev14

Version 1.5.0

Issues closed in milestone 1.5.0

Primary Issues Addressed

  • Search offsets
  • Ctrl+T in insert mode
  • Ctrl+E and Ctrl+Y scroll bugs
  • End of line issues with r
  • Support for Peek Definition Window

Version 1.4.2

Issues closed in milestone 1.4.2

Primary Issues Addressed

  • Support for scrolloff setting
  • R# integration issues
  • Several block insert bugs
  • :wa not saving properly in html files

Version 1.4.1

Issues closed in milestone 1.4.1

Primary Issues Addressed

  • Block selection and tab / wide character issues
  • Enter / Backspace key broken in non-edit windows
  • o / O support in Visual Mode
  • Display of control characters such as ^B ([[Details|Control Character Display]])
  • Height of block caret in diff view
  • Perf issues around block caret drawing

Version 1.4.0

Issues closed in milestone 1.4.0

Primary Issues Addressed

  • Basic autocmd support ([[Details|AutoCmd support]])
  • Visual Studio 2012 compatibility issues
  • Editing of ex command line
  • Better support for ) motions

Version 1.3.3

Issues closed in milestone 1.3.3

Primary Issues Addressed

  • vimrc entries not being properly handled
  • Home doesn't work in normal / visual mode
  • Commenting code switches to Visual mode
  • Paste to the ex command line via Ctrl-V
  • VsVim doesn't stay disabled in new files

Patched Issues (

  • Inconsistent loading between 2010 and 2012 due to a timing bug

Patched Issues (

  • The r command used on tags in HTML pages caused an unhandled exception
  • The dw command used on a blank line caused an unhandled exception
  • Added vsvim_useeditordefaults setting to explicitly let Visual Studio defaults win

Patched Issues (

  • Fixed live template support in Resharper

Version 1.3.2

Issues closed in milestone 1.3.2

Primary Issues Addressed

  • Navigation issues with C style pragma directives
  • Go to Definition causing VsVim to switch to Visual mode
  • Visual Studio Dark Theme issues
  • Support for <leader> mapping
  • Several bugs around handling of shiftwidth and tabstop

Version 1.3.1

Issues closed in milestone 1.3.1

Primary Issues Addressed

  • Non-English keyboard handling
  • More key mapping fixes
  • VS 2012 fixes

Patched Issues (

  • AltGr handling was producing incorrect chars on certain layouts

Patched Issues (

  • :wa was incorrectly saving non-dirty files
  • <C-T> wasn't working in insert mode
  • Visual Assist issues with inclusive selection

Patched Issues (

  • gt, gT, tabn weren't working on 2010

Version 1.3.0

Issues closed in milestone 1.3

Primary Issues Addressed

  • Key Handling
    • Number pad keys now act as their equivalent
    • Multiple key mapping fixes
  • Better Visual Assist Support
  • Mindscape Support
  • Bugs present in Dev11 only installations
  • C# event handler pattern '+=' doesn't go to Visual Mode
  • Select Mode

Patched Issues (

  • Select mode deletion added an unprintable character
  • Macro playback failed when SpecFlow was also installed
  • The gk command caused a down movement when word wrap was disabled
  • Exception on startup
  • Certain key mappings not working in insert mode

Version 1.2.2

Issues closed in milestone 1.2.2

Primary Issues Addressed

  • Substitute with quotes behaved incorrectly
  • Substitute at end of line behaved incorrectly
  • Support for Mind Scape workbench files

Version 1.2.1

Issues closed in milestone 1.2.1

Primary Issues Addressed

  • Support for the clipboard option
  • Could not 'j' over blank lines in Visual Character Mode
  • Comments were breaking vimrc loading
  • Repeating commands resulted in intellisense being displayed

Version 1.2

Issues closed in milestone 1.2

Primary Issues Addressed

  • Support for block motions
  • Support for a{text-object} and i{text-object} in Visual Mode (aB, a<, etc ...)
  • Support for :global command
  • Support for block insertion
  • Support for 'viw'.
  • Support for exclusive selections in Visual Mode
  • Many key mapping issues involving key modifiers and non-alpha keys
  • Repeating of Enter now better handles indentation
  • Continued performance tuning of :hlsearch

Version 1.1.2

Issues closed in milestone 1.1.2

Primary Issues Addressed

  • Performance of :hlseach
  • Maintaining vertical caret column
  • Several tabs / spaces issues including cc, caret column and repeat of 'cw',
  • Tab on new line inserts tab on previous line

Version 1.1.1

Issues closed in milestone 1.1.1

Primary Issues Addressed

  • Exception thrown while using CTRL-N
  • Upper case marks broken in 1.1
  • Replace command not working for international characters
  • Intellisense, quick info causing an exception in Visual Studio 11
  • Crash when dragging the window splitter from visual mode
  • CTRL-O didn't support commands that switched to visual or command mode

Patch 1

  • Vim undo command causing too many Visual Studio undos to occur.
  • VsVim not running on machines with only Visual Studio 11 installed

Version 1.1.0

Issues closed in milestone 1.1

Primary Issues Addressed

  • Insert mode largely rewritten. Better support for repeat and commands like CTRL-I, CTRL-M, CTRL-H, etc ...
  • CTRL-N and CTRL-P support added.
  • CTRL-A and CTRL-X support added. Keys must be manually mapped to VsVim to avoid unexpected conflicts with select all and cut.
  • Added support for the gv command
  • VsVim will now preserve non-CRLF line endings
  • Support added for Dev11 preview

Version 1.0.3

Issues closed in milestone 1.0.3

Primary Issues Addressed

  • Shift-C was placing the caret in the incorrect position.
  • End key was cancelling Visual Mode
  • Enter and Back were causing issues with R# in certain scenarios

Version 1.0.2

Issues closed in milestone 1.0.2

Primary Issues Addressed

  • Crash which occurred after closing tabs. Most often repro'd when combined with Pro Power Tools
  • Key mappings which contained multiple inputs didn't behave properly in insert mode