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@VsyncCrypto VsyncCrypto released this Apr 26, 2018 · 77 commits to master since this release


How to update:

  1. Exit/stop the current wallet from the wallet. (File - Exit or ./vsync-cli stop).

  2. Backup existing wallet.dat file to a safe location before upgrading.

  3. Delete all files located in your VSX data directory except your wallet.dat, vsync.conf, and backups folder.

  4. Download VSYNC blockchain snapshot (Vsync_Blockchain_Snapshot_19July.rar) file and put it in your %appdata% folder.

  5. Add new nodes from

  6. Download and install the new wallet appropriate for your OS.

  7. Re-start the wallet. (Launch from your Vsync shortcut icon or ./vsyncd for linux).

  8. Let your wallet fully sync.

  9. Use the in wallet GUI repair feature to remove all orphan TX (Recover transactions 2)

By default, your VSX data directory is located in the following locations for each OS type:
Go to Start > Run > %APPDATA%\vsync
(or just enter the above path in explorer)
or C:\Users%username%\AppData\Roaming\vsync
~/Library/Application\ Support/vsync
(/Users/YourUserName/Library/Application\ Support/vsync)
(Hidden folder “.vsync” - control+h to display in the GUI, ls -a to display in terminal)

Update logs:

Network fix
Masternode collateral changes: 250k to 100k
Removed Seesaw mechanism
Added zerocoin protocol (zVSX) feature
Block version to v4 (Block height 299282)
Bugfix (PIVX legacy) blockchain stall at 325000
Bugfix PoS rewards
Update checkpoints
Set new alert key
Set new spork key
Added spork IsSuperMajority
Improve masternode stability
Improve network stability
Improve blockchain download speed
Improve user interface usability
New GUI for zerocoin feature
Upgrade depends build system (to use newer dependencies)
Update logo, images and color
Update client version
Update protocol version
Automated Database Corruption Repair
More Accurate Error Messages
Reduction of Debug Log Spam
Removal of Heavy Running Transaction Search Code
libzerocoin Exploit Fix
zVSX Maintenance Mode Spork
Money Supply Indexing
More Extensive Tracking of zVSX Supply Through RPC
Multisig GUI
Better Filtering of Transactions in Stake Miner
More Responsive Shutdown Requests
More Extensive Display of zVSX Confirmation/Maturity Status
RPC changes
Bip38 Compatibility With 3rd Party Tools
Advanced Use & Privacy Considerations
Tor Service Integration Improvements
All Masternodes List GUI Removal

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