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This repo demos how to use vudrm with THEOplayer
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code style: prettier Built with Grunt


This repository will demonstrate how to use VUDRM with THEOplayer. If you have any questions please contact

This repository is currently targeted at THEOplayer version 2.51.1


Install dependencies

  1. Install npm
  2. Install the grunt-cli: npm install -g grunt-cli
  3. Clone the repository: git clone
  4. Navigate to the project's root folder: cd vuplay-theoplayer
  5. Install the dependencies: npm install

Build and run the dev environment

  1. Open the repository in your favourite javascript editor.
  2. In file index.html replace <path-to-theoplayer-css> with a reference to THEOplayer CSS.
  3. In file index.html replace <path-to-theoplayer-js> with a reference to THEOplayer JS.
  4. In file src/vuplay-theoplayer.js replace <your-stream-url> with your stream URL. This must can be a MPEG-DASH or HLS stream.
  5. In file src/vuplay-theoplayer.js replace <your-vudrm-token> with a VUDRM token from
  6. Uncomment the appropriate code in the file src/vuplay-theoplayer.js. The code you uncomment will depend on the stream technology you want to use.
  7. Run npm run build in the project's root. This will create a dist folder that contains all the files need to run this demo. N.B. You will need to add the host to your local machine's hosts file in order for this to work. Or use a domain that is compatible with your THEOplayer license.
  8. Load a supported browser and go to

NB: In order to allow DRM encrypted playback in chrome (, SSL has been enabled for the demo. You will get a warning about an invalid cert NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID but this can safely be ignored.

Browser support

The browser must support encrypted media extensions. Currently this includes the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, Edge, and Safari. For a complete breakdown of supported media extensions please contact

Useful links




Encrypted media extensions


Build tools

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