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Resources from VueDC 3/13/19 meetup
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Vue at Phone2Action Lessons for Testing Routing


Join us to learn about how Phone2Action is using Vue throughout their products, with featured speakers from Phone2Aaction talking about testing & routing in Vue and a guest lightning speaker as well


Ben Scheib

Testing Vue With Test Cafe and Mock Backends

Test Cafe is awesome and its Vue.js compatibility is unparalleled. In this series we explore testing basic components with asynchronous calls to backend resources and how you might go about mocking those resources in your tests.

JP Mugabe

Vue-Router: The Practical Side

How you can leverage vue-router to greatly simplify and efficiently deliver a complex app.

Speaker: Bryan Strong

Running a Horse Show with Vue

A case study on creating a Vue application to administer horse shows for the Prince William Horse Association that uses Vuetify and needed to be able to run without internet access.

Date: March 13th, 2019

Location: Phone2Action (Arlington, VA)

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