A walkthrough of Vue CLI 3's feature set with a focus on Plugin Development
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Vue CLI 3 Walkthrough


Created: October 17, 2018

Speaker: Christian Guirreri (@politicochris)


To Do


  • Does preset.json need to be in the root of the git repository in order for it to work?
    • In the case of this repo, the plugin's root folder and preset.json is located at vue-cli-3-walkthrough/examples/plugin-development-101/vue-cli-plugin-init-example/. When running vue create with this path, the return is 404:
       vue create -p github:vuedc/vue-cli-3-walkthrough/examples/plugin-development-101/vue-cli-plugin-init-example my-project
    • When adding --clone to the above statement, the return is Error: 'git clone' failed with status 128
    • If the preset.json is in the root of the repo, the following works as expected:
       vue create -p github:vuedc/vue-cli-3-walkthrough my-project
  • Does the download-git-repository package support private BitBucket servers?
    • I have not been able to get any of the remote preset functionality to work with our private BitBucket server, either with vue create or with download-git-repository so the problem may be with the latter.