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Forum Example

This packages enables the original Telescope forum features and components.

Note that it doesn't actually contain any code by itself, but instead activates the forum packages package set.


Setting Example Description
enableNotifications true Whether to enable email notifications
postInterval 20 How long, in seconds, to make users wait between submitting posts
commentInterval 20 How long, in seconds, to make users wait between commenting
maxPostsPerDay 10 How many posts a user can submit per day
RSSLinksPointTo "link"/"page" Whether to point RSS links to the linked site or back to your own site
postsPerPage 10 How many posts to display per page
thumbnailWidth 800 Posts thumbnails width
thumbnailHeight 600 Posts thumbnails height
scoreUpdateInterval 30 How often, in seconds, to update posts scores. Set to 0 to disable score updating


You can prefill categories from your settings.json file:

"categories": [
    "name": "Test Category 1",
    "description": "The first test category",
    "order": 4,
    "slug": "testcat1"
    "name": "Test Category 2",
    "description": "The second test category",
    "order": 7,
    "slug": "testcat2"
    "name": "Test Category 3",
    "description": "The third test category",
    "order": 10,
    "slug": "testcat3"