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UI Components

While Vulcan itself doesn't provide its own UI components (besides core utilites such as Layout, App, etc.), it does make use of a common component API that can serve as a bridge between your app and UI frameworks such as React Bootstrap or Material UI.

By using this API instead of depending on a framework's components directly, Vulcan plugins and projects can make it easy to easily swap from one UI framework to another.

Form Components

  • Checkbox
  • Checkboxgroup
  • Date
  • Datetime
  • Default
  • Email
  • FormControl
  • Number
  • Radiogroup
  • Select
  • Textarea
  • Time
  • URL

Other Components






The ModalTrigger component can be used to display its child component inside a modal window when the trigger component is clicked:

<Components.ModalTrigger size={size} title="New Post" component={<MyButton/>}>
  <PostsNewForm />

It accepts the following props:

  • className
  • component: the trigger component.
  • label: if no trigger component is passed, you can also specify a label for a text link.
  • size: large or small (defaults to large).
  • title: the modal popup's title.

All props are optional, but you should pass at least either component or label.

Note that the element passed as component needs to accept an onClick handler. In some cases, it might be necessary to wrap it inside an extra <div>:

<Components.ModalTrigger size={size} title="New Post" component={<div><MyButton/></div>}>
  <PostsNewForm />