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Email is a crucial productivity tool. As our dependency on email grows and its volume increases, our mailboxes become increasingly difficult to manage. Quickly finding messages in a bloated inbox – from various senders and in multiple conversation threads – can prove difficult, if not impossible. And while there are many solutions out there to help manage and organize email, each one typically requires an investment in time and effort that could be better spent on more important tasks.

If you use Microsoft Office Outlook® as your email application, the Xiant Filer add-in can instantly help you more efficiently manage your email.

How to Build

  1. Prerequisites

  2. Tools and Build environment The following environment variables are required to build Xiant Filer. Note that most of them are created by the above installers.

    • WIX
    • Path variable should include paths to:
      • WinRAR
  3. Creating a build

    • Open a command prompt and go the the root Filer directory. If this is your first build, run the command prompt as admin, otherwise some bootstrapper files may not be copied correctly. Subsequent builds do not need admin rights.
    • If you will be building using the placeholder signing certificate, you'll need to import it. You can do it on the command line with the command: "sn -i Certificates\Placeholder.pfx Personal", or through the import wizard which you can initiate by double clicking placeholder.pfx. In either case, the password is "password"
    • Execute "DeveloperBuild.bat"
    • The build script copies the Filer code to a sibling directory of XiantFiler, and does the build there. This way no stale build output will accidentally be included. The build directory will be a sibling directory to the Xiant Filer source root directory

How to Download

If you'd rather download a pre-built installer, you can do that here


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