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@echo off
if "%WindowsSdkDir%" == "" (
call "%VS140COMNTOOLS%vsvars32.bat"
rem Make a temporary build directory so we don't overwrite anything
set START_DIR=%cd%
set TEMP_BUILD_DIRECTORY=..\XiantFilerBuild\
rem We only want to copy the source, not the compiled binaries. These excludions interfere
rem with copying 3rd party dependencies, so copy the vendor folder seperately
echo .\Debug\
echo .\Release\
echo .\Vendor\
echo \obj\
echo \bin\
) > exclude.txt
rem Now that we've defined our exclusions, do the copy. After that, we don't need the exclude file anymore
xcopy . %TEMP_BUILD_DIRECTORY% /e /EXCLUDE:%cd%\exclude.txt
if NOT ERRORLEVEL 0 goto Exit
rem Noy copy the vendor folder
xcopy .\Vendor %TEMP_BUILD_DIRECTORY%\Vendor\ /e
if NOT ERRORLEVEL 0 goto Exit
rem Now do the build
msbuild build.proj /t:Build /p:Configuration=Debug
del exclude.txt
echo Build complete