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Vulkan4D New Project sample
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Vulkan4D New Project sample

Clone this repository to create a new game project using the Vulkan4D Engine


Vulkan4D is a revolutionary game engine built from the ground up for Space Games/Simulations and with Vulkan as the sole rendering API, so that we can take full advantage of the new technology.


include but not limited to:

  • procedural, full-size planet terrains, planetary systems, a full galaxy to explore.
  • triple-precision physics with relative positioning system
  • vulkan multithreaded renderer built from the ground up for full RTX support (ray-tracing)
  • cross-platform (windows+linux) build tools
  • custom SPIR-V shader compiler for GLSL with custom pragmas
  • high-performance no-sql database system that takes full advantage of SSD drives
  • low-latency networking system that uses both TCP and UDP simultaneously
  • complex multiplayer integration tools
  • orbital mechanics and newtonian physics
  • dynamic sky/space background (actual stars and planets are rendered, no skybox bs)

VR may be implemented as well

Our five commandments

As a developer for this project or for a resulting game, you will respect our 5 Commandments.

  1. Thou shall obey physics We will not sacrifice nor compromise realism for arcade-style gameplays.
  2. Thou shall not see "Loading" Immersive, seamless transitions, no loading screens, EVER.
  3. Thou shall not see a skybox Actual clouds, stars, planets, etc. are rendered.
  4. Thou shall be within thy self Focused on fully immersive, first person view.
  5. Thou shall not hit invisible walls What you can see, you can touch !

Project Structure

  • Core Compiled into v4d.dll and linked into the Project
  • Helpers Simple-but-useful header-only source files, compiled into anything that is part of V4D
  • Modules Game functionalities (and plugins/mods) compiled into individual .dll files that are loaded at runtime
  • Libraries Other libraries used in the project
  • Resources Icons, Textures, Music, ...
  • Project App that puts it all together to run the game
  • Tools Useful tools to help programmers (build scripts, shader compiler, ...)


V4D is going to be Open-source, with limited commercial use. Developers/companies that contribute to its development may get a free license for commercial use depending on the scale of their contribution (funding or development time).

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