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### Solved by barrebas

The service that we need to connect to gives an amount in dollars, and then asks the appropriate amount of dollar bills and coins. I whipped up a python script that could solve it for me, and after ironing out the bugs, I ran it for a few minutes. The first iteration of the script was using floats, which killed the calculation once large enough values started appearing. I fixed it by converting to cents. I ran the script again, only to find that the script was hanging and not returning the flag. This was probably because it was looking for a string in the response that wasn't there. That's why the Ctrl-c trap was added ;)

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### Solved by barrebas

A reversing challenge! We're given a 64-bit ELF executable. When we enter 'AAAA', the program says

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CSAW 2016 Sleeping Guard

### Solved by barrebas

Upon connecting to the address that is supplied, we receive the following file:


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