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Experiment Environment

CentOS 6.5

INSTALL & Configuration

tar -xvf php-5.1.6.tar.gz
cd php-5.1.6
./configure --with-gd

Problems in Installation & Configuration

How to trigger vulnerability

gcc -o poc poc.c
./sapi/cli/php poc.php


PHP <= 5.2.1 wbmp file handling integer overflow

PHP GD Extension WBMP File Integer Overflow Vulnerabilities misinterprete several symbols to html representation

PHP 5.2.1 'GD' Extension - '.WBMP' File Integer Overflow misses one poc file

Vulnerability Patch

Root Cause

There is an integer overflow in PHP in ext/gd/libgd/wbmp.c in the function readwbmp. If large enough values are specified for wbmp image height and/or width, so that width*height > 2^32, an integer overflow occurs on the following line:

if ((wbmp->bitmap = (int *) safe_emalloc(wbmp->width * wbmp->height,
sizeof(int), 0)) == NULL)

causing the amount of memory allocated to be smaller than the amount of data to be read, subsequently causing buffer overflow (See the DoS PoC below).

Stack Trace



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