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J-Ben Web Scripts

This repository contains scripts used during the writing of J-Ben Web. They are shared in hopes others may find them useful, but with no warranty, implied or otherwise.

These scripts, unless otherwise noted, are licensed under the MIT (Expat) license. The full text is available in LICENSE.txt.

This script parses either JMdict or KANJIDIC2 and generates a MySQL/MariaDB database. It works via a two-pass procedure, first scanning the XML document structure and second populating the database.

XML element content is stored as data, attributes as columns of the same name (with ":" substituted with "_"). The "fk" column links children to parents. No record is generated for the document root; the immediate children of the docroot are the top-level entries of the generated database.

Top-level elements get an auto-generated JSON attribute which represents the record as a whole.

Two helper tables are created: _parent, which shows relations between child and parent elements; and _entity, an optional table created if any XML entities are encountered during parsing. (JMdict uses this, KANJIDIC2 currently does not.)

XML entities are deliberately not expanded; this allows for a more compact database and for applications to more easily search for content containing these tags. Again, entities are stored in the _entity table, so you can substitute at the application level where/if you like.

In general, indices are not precreated; this is up to the user of the script to add afterwards. These scripts merely get the database in a queryable format; optimizing it for your app is up to you.