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# Functions for package building
# If you use these functions, you need to define the following
# variables:
# - TARBALL: The tarball's file name. No path component.
# - SRC_DIR: The tarball's extracted directory name.
# - BUILD_DIR: If a separate build directory is used, specify it. If
# not, define but leave blank.
# So as not to require touching the original LFS procedures, the
# BUILD_DIR is not auto-created. It is used purely for
# cleanup_build().
function prep_build () {
match_user_or_die "$user"
cd $LFS/sources
tar -xf "$TARBALL"
cd "$SRC_DIR"
function cleanup_build () {
cd $LFS/sources
rm -rf "$SRC_DIR"
if [ ! -z "$BUILD_DIR" ]; then
rm -rf "$BUILD_DIR"