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The scripts are organized in folders based upon the user they must be
run as and based upon areas which require human intervention.
The scripts are intended to be runnable via the run-parts command,
using the following form:
run-parts --exit-on-error --regex '^[0-9].*' <folder>
For example, to install the prerequisites (which must be done as the
root user), the following will work:
sudo run-parts --exit-on-error --regex '^[0-9].*' 0_prereqs
And later, when necessary to run the 2_as_lfs folder as the lfs user,
the following will work:
sudo -u lfs -i # Allows full login, since we use a replacement shell
# which breaks sudo...
cd /home/ubuntu
run-parts --exit-on-error --regex '^[0-9].*' 2_as_lfs