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"""Script to generate a R21-compatible song directory.
This is the console version; a GUI version is intended eventually.
from __future__ import absolute_import
import os, sys, argparse, shutil
from r21buddy import oggpatch
from r21buddy.logger import logger
def parse_args():
ap = argparse.ArgumentParser()
help=("Output directory. NOTE: An ITG2-compatible directory "
"structure will be created *within* this directory."))
"-i", "--input-path", default=[], nargs="*",
help=("Input path(s) to extract songs from."))
"-n", "--no-length-patch", dest="length_patch",
action="store_false", default=True,
help="Skip patching of .ogg files.")
"-v", "--verbose", action="store_true", help="Verbose output.")
return ap.parse_args()
def create_target_dir_structure(target_dir, verbose=False):
song_dir = os.path.join(target_dir, "In The Groove 2", "Songs")
if not os.path.exists(song_dir):
os.makedirs(os.path.join(target_dir, "In The Groove 2", "Songs"))
if verbose:"Created directory: {0}".format(song_dir))
elif not os.path.isdir(song_dir):
raise Exception("Target path is not a directory", song_dir)
if verbose:"Directory already exists: {0}".format(song_dir))
def copy_songs(input_path, target_dir, verbose=False):
all_files = [os.path.join(input_path, f) for f in os.listdir(input_path)]
dirs = [f for f in all_files if os.path.isdir(f)]
# If directories present: recurse into them.
if len(dirs) > 0:
for d in dirs:
copy_songs(d, target_dir, verbose=verbose)
# Check whether this is a song directory.
files = [f for f in all_files if os.path.isfile(f)]
stepfile_exists = any(
(f.endswith(".sm") or f.endswith(".dwi"))
for f in all_files)
if not stepfile_exists:
# This is a song directory. Are we compatible?
# Currently we must have a .sm and .ogg file. .dwi and .mp3 are
# not supported.
sm_exists = any(f.endswith(".sm") for f in all_files)
ogg_exists = any(f.endswith(".ogg") for f in all_files)
mp3_exists = any(f.endswith(".mp3") for f in all_files)
if not sm_exists:
logger.error("Directory {0}: Could not find .sm; only .dwi was found. Skipping.".format(input_path))
if not ogg_exists:
if any(f.endswith(".mp3") for f in all_files):
logger.error("Directory {0}: Could not find .ogg; only .mp3 was found. Skipping.".format(input_path))
logger.error("Directory {0}: Could not find .ogg. Skipping.".format(input_path))
# We are compatible. Check for destination directory; complain
# LOUDLY if not able to create it.
song_dir_name = os.path.split(input_path)[-1]
target_song_dir = os.path.join(
target_dir, "In The Groove 2", "Songs", song_dir_name)
if os.path.exists(target_song_dir):
logger.error("ERROR: {0} already exists; not copying files from {1}.".format(target_song_dir, input_path))
for ext in ".sm", ".ogg":
for src_file in (f for f in all_files if f.endswith(ext)):
dest_file = os.path.join(
target_song_dir, os.path.basename(src_file))
if verbose:"Copying: {0}\n to: {1}".format(src_file, dest_file))
shutil.copyfile(src_file, dest_file)
def patch_length(target_dir, verbose=False):
song_dir = os.path.join(target_dir, "In The Groove 2", "Songs")
all_files = [os.path.join(song_dir, f) for f in os.listdir(song_dir)]
dirs = [d for d in all_files if os.path.isdir(d)]
for song_dir in dirs:
song_files = (os.path.join(song_dir, f) for f in os.listdir(song_dir))
ogg_files = (f for f in song_files if f.endswith(".ogg"))
for ogg_file in ogg_files:
if verbose:"Patching file: {0}".format(ogg_file))
oggpatch.patch_file(ogg_file, verbose=verbose)
def run(target_dir, input_paths, length_patch=True, verbose=False, ext_logger=None):
global logger
if logger is not None:
logger = ext_logger
create_target_dir_structure(target_dir, verbose=verbose)
for input_path in input_paths:
copy_songs(input_path, target_dir, verbose=verbose)
# *NOTE:* If no input paths are specified, this tool can be used
# to patch the length on existing ogg files in the target dir.
if length_patch:
patch_length(target_dir, verbose=verbose)
def main():
options = parse_args()
run(options.target_dir, options.input_path,
length_patch=options.length_patch, verbose=options.verbose)
return 0
if __name__ == "__main__":
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