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Commits on Jun 10, 2012
@Vultaire Slightly refactored r21buddy GUI seems to at least parti…
…ally work now.
@Vultaire Updated GUI, refactored underlying code a bit to allow output switchi…
…ng, added logging module. Live output now works.
@Vultaire Cosmetic fix: slashes in paths are now platform-correct. 8307937
@Vultaire Fixed song detection: subdirectories no longer cause a song directory…
… to be skipped.
@Vultaire Fixed logging bug for final log data. 870c277
@Vultaire Corrected code to be more thread safe. af35941
@Vultaire Added functions to enable/disable the GUI. Refactored the input dirs …
@Vultaire Added commented-out lines to for py2exe compilation of GUI a…
@Vultaire Cosmetic change: line up file paths in file copy messages. ebad859
@Vultaire Enabled build of GUIs, disabled py2exe bundle_files option. 6208872
@Vultaire Version up. ad574f1
@Vultaire Added logging of exceptions from r21buddy console code to r21buddy GUI. f334873
@Vultaire Added logging of exceptions from oggpatch console code to oggpatch GUI. 481a970
@Vultaire Changed "unterminated packet" to a non-critical error. Added logging …
…of exceptions for oggpatch GUI when checking files.
@Vultaire Version up. 2cd6bc3
Commits on Jun 15, 2012
@Vultaire Converted many strings to unicode strings to reduce encoding errors. 495f077
@Vultaire Added some more kludgy fixes for encoding issues. Should be a bit mor…
…e stable, but likely imperfect.
Commits on Dec 22, 2013
@Vultaire Switched license from BSD to MIT. 32a3899
@Vultaire Updated README with fixes and extra details. Updated with up…
…dated license declaration.
@Vultaire Removed a sentence from the README (might not have been accurate). d5c3745
@Vultaire Updated for 1.1a release and for excluding unneeded stuff in…
… py2exe builds.
@Vultaire Removed zipfile=None directive. I've changed my opinion about this; I…
…'d rather have the zipfile in exchange for smaller size.
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