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A program for converting StepMania songs into R21-compatible songs.
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A pure Python version of the Ogg length hack for In The Groove 2 R21.

Currently this is a command line only program. See --help for details. Drag-and-drop might work on Windows, but I am not certain.



Just run the scripts as-is. is a single-file patcher, likely very similar to existing patchers out there. It should be capable of length-patching any ogg files; at least, I have not yet found a valid Ogg file it won't patch. It can either do in-place patching or create a patched copy.

# Display help for oggpatch script
python -m r21buddy.oggpatch -h is basically a wrapper around which provides the ability to recursively patch a directory of files. Again; files are not patched in place. It will output its files in an ITG2-compatible directory structure to the location of your choice. (If you really want, you could output straight to a USB thumb drive, although the performance might be less than stellar.)

# Display help for r21buddy script
python -m r21buddy.r21buddy -h

# Patch all songs on an R21-prepared thumbdrive.
python -m r21buddy.r21buddy <path_to_thumb_drive (e:\, etc.)>

# Patch and copy songs from a source directory to a thumb drive
python -m r21buddy.r21buddy -i <source_dir> <path_to_thumb_drive>

Finally, there are GUI versions:

# Run GUI version of oggpatch
python -m r21buddy.oggpatch_gui

# Run GUI version of r21buddy
python -m r21buddy.r21buddy_gui


  • Python 2.7, or Python 2.6 with the argparse library.
  • GUI is driven by Tkinter, so Tk may be required if it isn't auto-installed by your distro.


Binaries are available at

Alternatively, get Python 2.7 and you can run this directly in the same way as for Linux users.

Finally, you can build your own copy via py2exe via:

python py2exe

Known issue: The GUIs seem to have issues with non-ASCII characters in path names. This only seems to affect the Windows version, and at the time of discovery appeared to be a Tkinter-related bug, although I am not 100% sure. If you encounter crashes or errors, try using the console versions.

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