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A program for converting StepMania songs into R21-compatible songs.

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A pure Python version of the Ogg length hack for In The Groove 2 R21.

Currently this is a command line only program. See --help for details. Drag-and-drop might work on Windows, but I am not certain.



Just run the scripts as-is. is complete:

# Display help for oggpatch script
python -m r21buddy.oggpatch -h is still under development:

# Display help for r21buddy script
python -m r21buddy.r21 -h

# Patch all songs on an R21-prepared thumbdrive.
python -m r21buddy.r21 <path_to_thumb_drive (e:\, etc.)>

Requirements: Python 2.7, or Python 2.6 with the argparse library.


Get Python 2.7 and you can run this directly in the same way as for Linux users.

Alternatively, compile a .exe using py2exe, pyinstaller or another similar tool. (I plan to eventually offer .exes myself; just haven't got to it yet.)

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