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Specify custom directories for a bundle #125

obxhdx opened this Issue Jan 5, 2012 · 15 comments


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obxhdx commented Jan 5, 2012

Is there a way of specyfing where each bundle is going to be clonned? e.g. what if I wanted all colorschemes to be under the path ~/.vim/bundle/colors, is that even possible? Or, if instead of ~/.vim/bundle/vim-foo, I wanted a given bundle to be clonned to the path ~/.vim/bundle/foo.


gmarik commented Jan 5, 2012

Group bundles

No, there's no such feature yet..
May I ask you why you need this?

Rename bundle destination

this feature isn't on master yet.
Once v1.0 is out this will be possible to do so

Though if it's critical for you, then it could be fairly easy pushed to master.

Let me know how that works for you.

obxhdx commented Jan 6, 2012

Renaming bundles destination just came to my mind when I found a script (http://git.io/qaWGVA, line 8) that was based on a default path for the snipmate bundle. This script breaks, as for me the destination folder is "snipmate.vim" and renaming it manually doesn't seem to work.

Grouping bundles is just about keeping the bundle dir less confusing, if someday you feel the need to get there and do whatever you need.

In fact, I can be happy without any of these features (although I think the first one is really nice) and seems no one else ever asked about 'em. But such flexibility just sounded nice to me.

I, for one, would love to be able to rename bundle destination so that I may use vim-unbundle. This is because I put filetype specific bundles into their respective folders so that they are only loaded when editing that specific filetype. So, in the case of vim-rails, the directory would go from:




This is because you don't want to load useless plugins when editing most filetypes (PHP files don't need Ruby scripts running)

Also, like @obxhdx, I like making file bundle filenames shorter. If it's in the Vim folder, I don't need the bundle filename reminding me of that.

All DRY everything!


gmarik commented Jan 23, 2012

PHP files don't need Ruby scripts running

Correct me if i'm wrong but doesn't Vim handle that?
unless it's smth like a plugin/have_ruby_script_running.vim.

The only burden I can think of is that script lookup gets slower due to longer rtp.
But that's the price of modularity.

I like making file bundle filenames shorter.

Yeah with v1 it'll be possible to do so.

@gmarik when I say Ruby, I mean vim-ruby and yes, if you're using plugins like Pathogen, it's added to your rtp, thus loaded on startup. I was shocked how much faster my vim got when I switched to Unbundle with ftbundles.


gmarik commented Jan 23, 2012

@eligundry, haven't used vim-ruby myself so can't be sure about, but from what I see is that it has no plugin/ dir so I assume it doesn't load anything on startup. It does have ft* dirs which means Vim loads stuff based on filetype.

Do you have any benchmarks to compare speed improvements btw?

@gmarik no benchmarks, sadly. It makes a huge difference over ssh, afaict.

Will this new feature make it possible to install bundles wholesale in a different directory?

My use case would be to use Janus or Yadr for my general vim configuration, which install to ~/.vim, then add personal configurations under ~/.janus or .yadr-custom, for example, so I wouldn't have to fork and maintain a personal copy of those big projects.

Both of those projects use Pathogen to maintain plugins in submodules under ~/.vim/bundle. I would like to use Vundle to maintain extra bundles separately under e.g. ~/.yadr-custom/vim/bundle.

Thanks for the excellent project.

There are quite a lot of feature requests/issues which allow to assign custom properties, eg using Bundle foo , {options}.
This could be used to manually select subfolders.
The main problem is that there are plugins which may contain both: syntax, colors, and other features in one repository. You cannot decide into which category to put such plugin. It would be possible, but I don't think its worth it.
I'd recommend having color plugins nearby each other in your .vimrc to find them fast (and maybe add comment headline such as " color schemes: ...)

VAM allows changing the install directory (path and name) - but this breaks UninstallNotLoaded .. command, see plugin_dir_by_name option (and samples).


Shougo commented Feb 12, 2014

Yes, it breaks some features and it is complex.
So, I think it should not be implemented.


lucc commented Apr 1, 2014

@obxhdx actually this should now all be possible with the name option. For naming conflicts it is obvious how to do it (and documented). For your colorscheme problem try this:

Plugin 'some-colorscheme', {'name': 'colors/some-colorscheme'}
Plugin 'other-color', {'name': 'colors/other-color'}

And maybe just to be sure also create the directory ~/.vim/bundle/colors.


lucc commented Apr 27, 2014

My previous comment is now in the Wiki. I think this can be closed.


jdevera commented Apr 29, 2014

thanks @lucc

@jdevera jdevera closed this Apr 29, 2014

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