BundleInstall! and changelog doesn't work on windows #192

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The log looks like this.

[120708 19:24:49] Bundle gmarik/vundle
[120708 19:24:49] $ "cd /d "D:\tools\vim\vimfiles\vbundle\vundle" && git pull"
[120708 19:24:49] > The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

Remove the

let cmd='"'.cmd.'"'
makes it work,
but I don't know why the quote works fine for others so far.


Hey @gudezhi, thanks for reporting!

@zolrath could you please take a look at this?!


This is what happens when you have post-.456(?) ViM and you don't set shellxquote="" in your .vimrc


I am using the 7.3.586 VIM, and set shellxquote="" makes it work!

But is it the one that man should take care of it in .vimrc?
or vundle should take care of it?


No, vundle can't (easily), shellxquote="" breaks things instead of fixing them before VIM patch 445. See #146.


I see. Thanks any way. I will close it.

@gudezhi gudezhi closed this Jul 16, 2012

@Taverius, thanks for helping out!


Should Wiki be updated regarding shellxquote related issues on Windows?
This is fairly common issue...


I was going to suggest that, yes, at least until/unless we find a better solution.

I'm not sure if there's a way to test for the need of it using command.com/cmd.exe builtins, I say put it in the wiki and we can try to figure something out in #146.


We can query the version by comparing against v:version and the patches applied with has("patchXXX"). Would it be safe to setshellxquote` if the right combination is found, or is it exclusively a vimrc thing?


You can setlocal shellxquote=""and VIM doesn't complain, so I say we try it out.

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