Don't spawn cmd prompts on Windows when updating #88

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bbigras commented Sep 7, 2011

When I'm updating all my plugins on Windows, Vundle opens one cmd prompt for each plugins (one at a time). The problem is that I tend to do other work in that time and when a cmd prompt opens I lost focus.

They could be run hidden using a vbs script like :

Set args = WScript.Arguments
Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
objShell.Run "app.exe " + args.Item(0), 0, True

Run Method (Windows Script Host)

Or maybe they could be started minimized.

Taverius commented Sep 8, 2011

Hmm. I haven't lost focus with the latest trunk for a while now - they already start minimized. You're sure you're on master/HEAD?

bbigras commented Sep 8, 2011

The cmd prompts start minimized but they still steal the focus. I can reproduce by typing in another app, when a cmd starts, I can't type anymore.

I'm using master/HEAD cae6df7

@gmarik gmarik was assigned Dec 20, 2011
jdevera commented Apr 4, 2014

Does this still happen? @starcraftman have you experience this in your Windows testing?


@jdevera On my Windows 7 setup that uses the cmd.exe shell, what happens in that the cmd.exe's start minimized. I don't notice a focus steal away from the GVim window.

Screenshot of what happens windowsgvim. The indicated box slides in from right, doesn't flash or steal focus from gvim.

I have also tested XP with the GVim/cmd.exe setup on a virtual machine and behavior is the same. Maybe this old commit @brunoqc references just wasn't very good. I checked it out on Win7 and I only get errors. :(

I'm closing this, I neither see an issue nor a big desire to add vbs.

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