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General Problems General Problems
Why am I asked for username/password? Without my plugins, Vim spits out errors...
How do I stop plugins changing indentation? I don't use a POSIX Shell (i.e. Bash/Sh)
Can't verify Git SSL Vundle can't find my plugin/colorscheme
How do I set the path Vundle installs plugins to? Swap File Can't Be Created
Plugin* commands trigger an error
Mac OSX Problems Windows Problems
Why does Vim exit with an error? Use Cygwin/DOS Line Ending Problems
Vundle Doesn't Load All Of My Bundles...

My Problem Isn't Here

General Problems

Why am I asked for username/password?

This happens when an invalid repository name is used with the Bundle command. Vundle then tries to fetch a repository from GitHub that doesn't exist and fails. Example output:

git clone
Cloning into non_existin_repo...
fatal: Authentication failed

To fix this check for a typo in the Bundle line, that is usually the problem. Also consult the documentation to ensure you are using the right method (i.e. the format of the URL is correct).

Without my plugins, Vim spits out errors...

This happens because your .vimrc is attempting to call functions or use colorschemes that haven't been loaded and put on the runtime path. One way to fix this for first time installation is provided here.

How do I stop plugins changing indentation?

Use filetype plugin on instead of filetype plugin indent on in your .vimrc.

I don't use a POSIX Shell (i.e. Bash/Sh)

For example, you use fish and errors result when running BundleInstall!.

Vim will throw an error when running BundleInstall! if the default shell is not POSIX-compliant. Even if you manually switch to sh or bash from a different shell, the errors will continue if vim is not explicitly told to use sh or bash. The best way to rectify this is to:

  1. Add set shell=bash to your .vimrc.
  2. Set the SHELL environment variable to sh or bash before running BundleInstall!.

If using the fish shell, you can use the latter method for initial Vundle installation as well as updates by using the following command:

env SHELL=(which sh) vim +BundleInstall! +BundleClean +qall

This can also be performed by creating the following function at ~/.config/fish/functions/ and then running updatevim to install/update Vundle and its bundles:

function updatevim
    set -lx SHELL (which sh)
    vim +BundleInstall! +BundleClean +qall

If having the problem on Windows, making sure you run the commands using cmd.exe should help. Check that the %ComSpec% environment variable is set to cmd.exe and not a custom shell.

Can't verify Git SSL

I am getting the following error when using Git.

Cloning into /root/zuo/.vim/bundle/The-NERD-tree...
error: SSL certificate problem, verify that the CA cert is OK. Details:
error:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed while accessing

To fix this add let $GIT_SSL_NO_VERIFY = 'true' to your .vimrc.

Vundle can't find my plugin/colorscheme

The order of lines matters. For you to use anything managed by Vundle, the Bundle repo line must appear before invoking a plugins functions. The easiest way to solve this is to place all Bundle commands at the top of your .vimrc before any function/option settings.

For example, say I want to use the molokai colorscheme.

" Bundle line always first.
Bundle 'tomasr/molokai'
colorscheme molokai

See #119 for details.

How do I set the path Vundle installs plugins to?

Pass a custom path as an argument to the init call. On UNIX: call vundle#rc("~/a/nother/path"). For Windows: call vundle#rc("/placeholder/path").

How do I fix E303: Unable to open swap file... ?

This error occurs because Vim is trying to create a swap file for the file you are editing. By default, Vim usually tries to create the swap file in the directory of the file. If you are a limited user or editing files in directories you have no permission to write in you will get this error.

The easiest fix is to append to your .vimrc the following line. Vim tries the paths from left to right. This line tells Vim to try the current directory, else try /path/vim/can/write/to.

set directory=.,/path/vim/can/write/to

On Windows in particular, you can tell Vim to write to the AppData user folder with:

set directory=.,$TEMP

To read up more on the swap file, see :help swap. If you don't want the feature, you can put set noswapfile in your .vimrc to disable.

Plugin* commands trigger an error

When you call for example :PluginList or :PluginInstall an error is triggered :

Error detected while processing function vundle#installer#list[2]..vundle#scripts#view:
line 15:W10: Warning: Changing a readonly file

To solve the error you have to edit your .vimrc as follow : Find view managment, it should be similar as :

au BufWinLeave ?* mkview
au BufWinEnter ?* silent loadview

A view may not be created when editing a non existing (named) file, then you can check for it like this :

autocmd! BufWinLeave,BufWritePost,BufLeave,WinLeave ?* if !empty(glob(expand('%:p'))) | mkview | endif
autocmd! BufWinEnter ?* if !empty(glob(expand('%:p'))) | silent loadview | endif

Mac OSX Problems

Why does vim exit with an error?

Using filetype off with stock OS X vim (located at /usr/bin/vim) causes vim to exit with a non-zero error code in completely valid cases. The workaround is to enable filetype before disabling it, like this:

filetype on
filetype off

"... your configuration goes here

Windows Problems

Use Cygwin/DOS Line Ending Problems

This problem occurs in several circumstances. Firstly, Cygwin by default insists on checking out repositories with Windows Line Endings (CRLF) instead of Unix ones (LF). This usually causes trouble for Vim/Bash files in the repositories. Secondly, it is possible a developer has by accident or intentionally committed the wrong line endings. In either case, we can set global git configuration to fix this. The following commands should be executed at your git prompt. They will disable the conversion of line endings to native, and attempt to safely convert to Unix line endings. To see more on these options, see the relevant documentation.

git config --global core.autocrlf false
git config --global core.safecrlf true
git config --global core.eol lf

Vundle Doesn't Load All Of My Bundles...

Until this bug is resolved (#430), this is a temporary note on how to fix. It seems to have something to do to initialization on Windows. It can be fixed by putting the following line after all Plugin calls in the .vimrc.

"call vundle#config#require(g:bundles)

E484: Can't open file C:\Users\<userid>\AppData\Local\Temp\... Error

Under certain situations a Virus Checker or a Windows itself may prevent file creation in the Windows Temp folder located under the %USERPROFILE% folder. One possible solution might be to change the location of your %TEMP% and %TMP% variables to point elsewhere (perhaps C:\temp). To do this launch Control Panel -> System -> Advanced system settings -> Environment Variables and I change your TMP and TEMP variables from %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp to C:\temp relaunched vim and then try your Vundle command that was previously failing with the E484 error.

For other solutions see Issue 575

My Problem Isn't Here

Before posting an issue, please search the repository using keywords relevant to your issue. If you find an old issue and it has the solution, please use it. If your issue is similar but not identical, open a new issue and we'll deal with figuring out if it is indeed a duplicate. Thank you for your patience.

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